Sunday, 12 December 2010

Charles Day: Revealing Hidden Thoughts

- An Interview

"Charlie’s enthusiasm spreads across the pages as he writes twisted and enthralling tales of action and horror. His personable characters bring his stories to life." ~ Rebecca Besser (Winter 2010) Writer and Editor, Living Dead Press.

Charles Day, a 43 year old horror writer from New York, specialises in dark and twisted horror. He has work pending with “Melting Snow,” from Blood Bound Books’ Anthology, Seasons of the Abyss, and “Delightful Fillets,” From Living Dead Press’ Anthology, Book of Cannibals 2, amongst others.

Currently, as well as his various authoring projects, he has just started Hidden Thoughts, a small press, predominantly for non-fiction based on real experiences with mental wellness. So we welcome Charles, and thank him for coming.

“Charles, tell us about yourself.”

Charles: “Well, for starters, I'm just honoured that you offered to have Charlie and I come on your blog for an interview. And I wanted to thank Rebecca for the kind words. I'm so excited to have been offered the opportunity to be published in her 'Book of Cannibal's 2, The Hunger' anthology. I had fun writing this story. Charlie inspired me to bring together this twisted tale.

I'm new at this whole publishing thing, having spent many years honing my love for writing, before seeing any of my work published. I currently have six short stories accepted for publication and a Novella under consideration this year. I've always been a huge fan of anything thriller/horror/suspense, which came from my love of horror movies since I was just knee high to a grasshopper. So finally seeing some of my work in print is a real humbling experience for me.

All I can say about myself is that I'm a full time daddy, husband, and writer, with a great day job at the Family Service league which hosts the NYS office of Aging, in their Long term Care Ombudsman program, a resident advocacy agency that has oversight responsibility in NYS Dept. Of Health Licensed Adult Care Facilities. I'm the coordinator for this program, so I go in to a home whenever one of our volunteers I supervise informs me that there is an alleged incident of resident abuse or neglect to investigate. If I find out the allegation is substantiated, I bring in the State officials to continue our responsibilities to protect the resident.”

“What got you started writing?”

Charles: “I was always into movies as a kid. My friends and I would play out movie characters in our backyards. We also set up our first Halloween haunted house in my parent's basement. We were only about 12 years old, but we made a huge display of horrifying things that would pop out. We scared quite a few kids in our neighbourhood that year. I also read many frightening stories and enjoyed them so much, I started writing my own, and from that point on, I kept writing stories until about 14 years old, then I became a rebel and instead of writing, I started partying with my friends, but that's a story in and of itself.

“You’ve started Hidden Thoughts, tell us about it.”

Charles: “This actually was something that started in my head a year ago with my day job. Since I have a sleuth of agencies, consumers and providers I work with to some degree, I decided it was time to begin getting more information out to those in recovery. I've also been fortunate to get some local and state funding for our non-fiction endeavours. Many of the resident council presidents that live in these adult care facilities are excited about our projects. My goal is to get some real stories of survival and inspiration from residents and people who live in the community to share how they successfully beat their illness and are now in recovery, living normal lives. I will be making these books available at conference and discussion groups, and since I already speak at different events throughout the New York Region, eventually there be some books that our attendees can purchase on their way out.

Of course I love anything dark with regards to fiction, so I also plan on opening some fictional anthologies down the road once this really takes off. I figure we can do some psychological thrillers and stories that deal with mental illness.”

“And what are you hoping that it will lead to?”

Charles: “I'm hoping to eventually have a bunch of books for the adult care industry, including an adult home workshop book series that will aid the caregivers looking to place their loved ones into an adult care facility. I want them to know what truly goes on inside, how to find the best home, and answer any questions they may have. I also want this workshop series to be useful to the Providers, so they can share their stories about issues and concerns they have in the homes they own or run.

Of course my ultimate goal is to have non-fiction books that will be geared to all the agencies that help in some way when they provide mental health services to the residents in these homes.

As for the fiction part, well that is more of a personal endeavour. I'm hoping to come out with some really good books that will provide some entertainment for the people we serve and even further out to the general public, so they can see what goes on in the minds of people who are normal just like us, they are just survivors with writing talents to share their fictional thoughts.”

“Your fictional writing... it’s mostly horror. What got you started in the field of the dark and disturbed?”

Charles: “As I alluded to earlier, I began watching horror movies since I was a kid. In fact, my first real scare was watching the Exorcist with my Dad. I must have only been nine when I saw it. I know, what father would allow their young child to watch such a terrifying movie? That is another story I could write. Anyway, I remember that as soon as she turned her head around, I ran out screaming. I was also a big fan of the slasher films of the 80's.

I also was a big fan of Dean Koontz and Stephen King growing up and I read many of their books. I just loved being terrified...

“Where do you get your inspiration from, and how do you relate to your characters?”

Charles: “I'll let Charlie in the Box talk about this. Besides, he's been waiting to talk. Go ahead Charlie.”

*Charlie pops out of his box and waves, shows his trademark shiny, razor sharp teeth between pursed red lips, and begins* “Hello all. Yes, Charles and I usually get together and brainstorm on what our next story is going to be. Sometimes we play out the characters first, other moments we tend to spend time down in my dingy old box together, writing our deepest thoughts on paper.”

“Ok, Charlie. That is true. As for the second part of your question Mark, I relate with all my characters to some degree. Many have come from my twenty or so years working with the mentally ill, 12 of those years locked in a psych ward with some seriously dangerous individuals. Their voices are still hidden deep within my head. They all have stories to tell. The more I write down their stories, the fewer voices I hear.”

“Finally, where do you see yourself in the future?”

Charles: “I love to write, and I'm learning more each year. I want to see myself as a better writer in the future. I also want to continue writing stories people will enjoy, but stories that will question just how far one will go before they crack.

I'm hoping to hear good news about our Novella 'Redemption' that Mark and I co-wrote. I can't wait to share this great and scary story with everyone. From there, I have a few novel projects I'm still working on, so I'd have to say that in the future, I hope to see myself as a full time writer with books and short stories that I can share with everyone. I'll still keep my day job somehow.”

*Charlie in the Box interrupts,* “And I want Charles to sell an ample amount of books so he can by me a new and bigger box.”

Thank you, Mark, for the interview, and I also look forward to working with you in the future. We still need to share a virtual beer, since we are between an extremely large body of water and unable to sit at the bar together.”

Filing Words would like to thank Charles Day for joining us. In the future, Charles will undoubtedly be seen in both Hidden Thoughts, as well as in his short stories, novellas, and of course, novels.

You can find Charles at his blog: and will also find him around in the forums under his slightly twisted pseudonym, charlieinthebox. If you see him, say hi, but please don’t forget to drop by at Hidden Thoughts. It matters.

Thanks also go to Rebecca Besser, who can be found at her website, here and at Living Dead Press.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Opposite of Writers Block III: Research by Design.

Apparently it's OCD. I don't have that either.

I guess I should shut up and go back to writing.


The Opposite of Writers Block II: Kevin Strikes Back

So, my research has led me to hypergraphia - the inability to stop writing. OK, so I don't have it.

Did you know that the Reverend Robert Shields maintained a diary chronicling every 5 minutes of his life from 1972 until 1997. The hypergraphic work contained approximately 38 million words.

I got that from Wikipedia. I'm not like that. So the 'opposite of writers block' is an awful affliction, that obviously effects the lives of the people it touches.

I guess I've just got 'Kevin'.

Now, the question remains on what the name is of someone who pointlessly researches things.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

What's the opposite of writers block?

I've had writers block. I think anyone who sits in front of a keyboard, picks up a pen, or holds a crayon between their toes has had it. Sitting there, looking at the flickering screen wondering whether to get hammered in the off chance that an epipheny may occur.

I don't have it at the moment. I've got the opposite of it. The questions is, what is it?

Other people have asked the very same question, I know, I googled it. But it always seems to be a sort of hyperthetical question, where the person that asks it has just simply got too much work to do, and not enough time to do it. (We all have that problem, and it's nothing to do with writer block.)

No. At the moment I've just got too much to say, with word counts that don't allow for it. Let me give you an example. I've got a max. word count on a story of 10K. I've written 5K. Having stopped to take a breath and see where I'm at, I realise that halfway through I've said little to nothing.  Sure, I've built elaborate scenes and interesting characters... but nothing's happened.

You may have noticed that I specialise in horror. I'm halfway through and I haven't killed anyone yet! These words just keep coming from nowhere.

Still, I mustn't complain. They'll be plenty of time to do that next time I do have writers block. So for now I'm just going to name this 'opposite of writers block' to what... I don't know... Kevin maybe.


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Quick Update...

Right, well, where to begin...

Firstly, the horror novella collection that I've been working on with Charles Day a.k.a. Charlie in the Box is now complete, and even over at an editor - who loved our query letter btw - for consideration. I'm hoping that Charlie will pop by in the not so distant future and do an interview with me, but for now here he is:

Meet Charlie in the Box.

Charles Day

You can of course find Charlie here:, so go check him out, but don't ask for a hug!

I've finally made the big start on the Wicked Bag of Tales, and that is shaping up.

Daily Bites of Flesh is now available:

From Amazon (US) here:

And Daily Flash is available:

From Amazon (US) here:

Well, that's all for now, but I'll be back.


Monday, 8 November 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy,...

Well, I know, I know, it's been over a month since I was last here.

First of all the Shootout is now complete and came in second place! Yay! I recieved copies of the books Twisted Fish and Haunted, both autographed by contributing author Matt Nord (Farmboy).

So obviously I'm busy tidying my stories editing and expanding for the upcoming There Can Be Only One. - One done, three to go!

I've got the Novella back from my reader (cheers Paul) and I'm in the final stages of completing that (Look out for it Charlie! It's on the way)

... and I'm still formulating my plots for the Wicked Bag of Tales.

So this is why I haven't been here a huge amount. Sorry.

By the way The Last Man Anthology is now available from

So there you have it, I'll try to get back a bit quicker next time.


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Acceptance, Available, Shootout, A Wicked Bag and A Novella - Phew!


I've been unavailable to update in a while so here goes:

Firstly the acceptance;

I recieved the fantastic news that my story (subbed in April BTW) 'Humanity' was accepted into the anthology "Ransom - give me what I want and I'll go away (Maybe)" over at Wicked East Press. (Thanks Jessica). That means that not only am I in their flagship first publication "Cup of Joe" but also their second. It feels like I'm becoming one of the family there (or maybe a hostage) what with the shootout, wicked bag and all.

Here's the cover:

Cool huh?

Next we have the Available;

Fem Fangs from Pill Hill Press is now available at Amazon, and you can find it here:

or here:

Rattling in at 450 pages it should be quite a read!

Meanwhile in the shootout;

All four rounds have now passed by and I'm just waiting for the final set of results. I did well in the first two rounds maintaining 2nd place, but bummed out heavily in the 3rd - I can only keep my fingers crossed for the final round!

The Wicked Bag;

Wicked East Press have started a second challenge and I have been selected to participate. The Wicked Bag of Tales involves us all writing a single story based on the randomly selected idea of another participant. I subbed my idea for someone else, and now I wait...

And the Novella;

I've been talking to Charles Day, a novelist from NY, and he's spawned an idea. Two men, sharing a car, share in an unfortunate and fatal accident. It just isn't them that get it - but they do have the same fate in store.

Charles is writting the story of Al Fudrucker, and I, Benny Fairweather. Two very different characters.

We've got a publisher in mind, and currently have our heads down, plugging away to make something special.

I'd just like to take this time to thank Charlie for working with me, and for the support that I've recieved from him over my work. Thanks Charlie.


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cedar Chest and Were-What?

The anthologies Cedar Chest and Were-What? from Static Movement have both been sent to the printers!

They should both be available on Amazon soon, will keep you updated.


Friday, 3 September 2010

Guest Post: Gwen Mayo

Filing Words are pleased to greet Gwen Mayo, author of Circle of Dishonor, as part of her Blog Tour:

Kentucky had a national reputation for violence that was not entirely unearned. But when a man was shot, it was usually common knowledge who shot him and why. Between the Regulators and the Klan, lynching parties were a regular occurrence. Duels still caused a few deaths, though thankfully, those were becoming rare. There were always feuds brewing in the mountains. Lately, we had been having more than our share of political assassinations. Still, the murder of ordinary citizens for unknown reasons was an altogether different kind of violence.

The quote above is from CIRCLE OF DISHONOR. I think it says quite a lot about why I chose to set a series of Victorian era murder mysteries in Kentucky.

No place in the United States was more divided within or battered from outside than Kentucky. Washington may have labeled the occupation of Kentucky as Readjustment rather than Reconstruction, but the effect was the same. Kentuckians were subjected to post- war military occupation. Their homes and public buildings were commandeered by the army and strict curfews were imposed. The freedom our frontiersmen ancestors enjoyed was gone forever and independent minded Kentuckians chafed under military rule by the government they fought to preserve.

The Kentucky problem was two fold. Although it had remained in the Union during the Civil War, Central Kentucky was decidedly loyal to the Confederates. The Confederate president and several of the South’s best generals came from Kentucky. The state also produced more slaves than horses. Lincoln may have needed Kentucky to win the war, but Lincoln was dead. The new Republican leaders were not about to let Kentucky forget it was as a slave state. Kentucky felt the impact of the Freedmen’s Bureau, suffered the ignominy of a congressional investigation into the qualifications of its elected representatives and for many years was terrorized by lawless and violent guerrilla bands who wandered the countryside after the war’s end.

Citizens who had been loyal to the Union reacted with shock at being treated like a conquered territory. Their frustrations quickly turned to anger and violence. If Kentucky ever deserved the title “Dark and Bloody Land” it was during the years following the Civil War. Members of secret societies like the Knights of the Golden Circle, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Regulators took positions of power and wielded that power with impunity.

The damage done by Readjustment created an atmosphere of mistrust that still exists today in rural Kentucky. Lexington and Louisville fared better, but the cities struggled with the death throes of old Kentucky. A new era was dawning but ingrained corruption, mistrust of industry, a despotic Democratic Party, and fear of outsiders slowed progress to the point that Mark Twain swore that he wanted to be in Kentucky when the end of the world came, because everything happened ten years later here.

Circle of Dishonor, set in 1879 Kentucky, is a mystery rich in historical detail about Lexington, Confederate secret societies, and Kentucky politics.

Obsessed with finding the Knights of the Golden Circle, a secret society responsible for her brother’s death, former Pinkerton operative Nessa Donnelly assumed his identity and followed his killers to Lexington. The trail ended there, and fourteen years have gone by.

When local prostitute Belle Brezing turns to her for help, Nessa is immersed in a murder case that threatens to expose all of her secrets. She is dealing with more than murder. The KGC is active again in Kentucky and bodies are piling up.

If Nessa doesn’t find the killer fast, she stands to lose everything—maybe even her life.
About the Author:
Gwen Mayo is a history junkie, particularly the history of her home state. Her writing blends Kentucky history with her love for mystery fiction. A graduate in political science from the University of Kentucky, Gwen currently lives and writes in Lexington, but grew up in a large Irish family in Grayson, Kentucky. Her stories have appeared in anthologies, on online short fiction sites, and in micro-fiction collections. Circle of Dishonor, her debut novel, is set during the turbulent political upheaval of post Civil War Kentucky at a time when murder was sometimes claimed to be more common in Kentucky than death by natural causes.
We'd like to thank Gwen for coming, and you can find her at her blog: and her website:

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Our Hearts Go Out.

Our hearts go out to Charlie Day (Charlieinthebox).

Sadly he lost his faithful hound, and pet, Candy, one of the family.

Our best Charlie, to you and the family.


Cedar Chest takes another...

Those kind folks at Static Movement have taken 'Time Protects the Innocent' into the Cedar Chest Anthology.


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Cedar Chest

I've recieved a new acceptance from Static Movement for the dark and disturbing 'Family Union'. It's heading towards the Cedar Chest Anthology, the sequel to Dusted.


Monday, 23 August 2010

From Sword and Saga Press: The Last Man Anthology

"There are some great stories in The Last Man anthology, and not just the ones that are written by established authors– in this anthology, Liguore has assembled a crop of new writers so damn good one could almost cry at their talent. This hauntingly beautiful collection of tales is a definite must-read. No question about that. A solid five out of five stars." - E. S. Wynn, author of Pink Carbide

Sorry - I just had to share.


Saturday, 21 August 2010

Shootout, Round One: ting ting

OK, so i've read everyone elses. Can't say too much, but I'm in with cool crowd. Round one scores should hit me Monday. (bites nails).

In the mean time, Wicked East and the Collab of the Dead have announced that the stories are going into an Anthology: There Can Be Only One.

Isn't it awesome!


Sunday, 15 August 2010

So Much News... So Much News.

Well, where to start?

The Wicked East Press/Collaboration of the Dead Shootout is reaching the end of submissions for round one today. Mine's securely in place already. The theme chosen was Time Travel/Bending. Not the easiest thing in the world to magic something up for.

I've had further acceptances into the Bites of Flesh Antho over at Pill Hill. "Dogs of War", "The Heart of a Vampire", "The Wolven of Caardargen" and "You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry"

And I've just signed off the contract for Blood Bound Books anthology - Rock n Roll is Dead!

Is that just the most awesome cover?
No really. Ever.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Patented DNA - Now Available

Patented DNA - From Pill Hill Press - is now available from Amazon, (mines on order from the printers direct)

You can find it here:

And here:


Keyboards at Dawn - The Shootout is Almost Ready.

So, the end of the week should sign the begining of the Shootout (created by The Collaboration of the Dead and hosted by Wicked East Press).

Basically we have three rounds in which to create short stories of astounding style and content, and we vote on each others until at the end the highest voted author wins. It should take about six weeks in total.

It's nail biting stuff, and I can't wait.


Monday, 26 July 2010


I've just gotten hold of the cover image here:

Another cool piece from the hallowed halls of the great Static Movement.


Sunday, 25 July 2010

New Acceptance and New Shootout!

I've just got the good news from Chris at Static Movment that the story Contagion has been accepted for the Were-What? Anthology. (Woot!)

Our friends at the at the Collaboration of the Dead are starting a new Shootout, of which Matt Nord has confirmed my place. (Swords at the ready... no, wait, keyboards?)

So I charge you to go over to these guys and show some support!



Sunday, 18 July 2010

Author List

As you can see on the right, I have started a list of prominent authors that I either share a listing with in a fiction antho, or just because I wanted to. Please support their works by flitting over to their sites.



Monday, 5 July 2010

Flash! - Now Available

Flash! An Anthology by Static Movement is now available from here:

I ended up with three pieces of flash fiction in this one, Once Bitten..., Choices, and Answers. It's not up at yet, so I'm just waiting...


Friday, 2 July 2010

Matt Nord: Behind the Words, Behind the Zombie Keeper.

- An interview

"Matt is an enthusiastic and talented new voice in the horror genre. His well-crafted stories are a treat to read." - Jessy Marie Roberts (June 2010), Editor-in-Chief, Pill Hill Press

Matt Nord is an aspiring young writer from Auburn, New York. At 34 years old, he is already a published fiction author specialising in the horror genre, with work under his belt including contributions to such books as, “Book of the Dead 4: Dead Rising,” “The Book of Horror,” and recently, “Haunted: An Anthology,” and is currently awaiting his name in print again, having been accepted into numerous new anthologies. This, combined with his work as the Founder of the tentatively named novel, “Collaboration of the Dead,” and his reviewing of other author’s work make him, if nothing else, certainly one of the busiest authors cracking his way into the business today. I am most grateful to Matt for taking the time out to talk to me, to tell us about himself and his work.

“Welcome Matt. Tell us a little bit about who you are.”

Matt: “I’m just a former janitor who got a Bachelor’s Degree in I.T and decided for some reason to try his hand at writing. So far, I’ve been fairly successful, so I’m either pretty good at it... or just pretty damn lucky! Take your pick. I currently live in Central New York with my wife and two sons, and am anxiously awaiting my first daughter, who’ll be making her appearance this September!”

“Most people will be familiar with your online pseudonym, ‘Farmboy,’ can you tell us how that came about?”

Matt: “It’s rather silly, actually. I was pretty big into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) for quite a while. I actually trained for about two years. I was a member of the Sherdog MMA forum and took the nickname of farmboy as a bit of an homage to Matt Hughes, who people seem to like to call ‘country boy’. Then it just stuck from forum to forum.”

“Most of your work seems to delve into the dark, and particularly into the realm of the undead. How did you become so fascinated by zombies and necromancy, and what are your influences?”

Matt: “Another funny story. My first introduction into the realm of the undead was watching Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video over at my aunt’s house. She had it on VHS and I remember being enthralled by it and watching it over and over, all the way through, including the kick-ass making of documentary afterward. That was the biggest influence that got me into zombies. Then, there was ‘Return of the Living Dead,’ which was my first zombie movie. Come on, Tarman was the coolest freaking zombie ever! My writing influences growing up would have to be Stephen King (as cliché as that may be), Anne Rice, and Clive Barker. Some of the author’s I read now are Rhiannon Frater, Eric S. Brown, and Timothy Long.”

“Tell us about the ‘Collaboration of the Dead’, and how you formulated such a novel idea?”

Matt: “I got the idea from a novel that Pill Hill Press is putting together, called Undead, Kansas. So, basically I stole the idea! Well, borrowed it sounds better. We have 19 writers writing a total of 39 chapters. A lottery was drawn and each writer given a number for the first chapter they are writing and then the second. Each order is repeated, so author (b) writes chapters 2 and 21, and so on. The only anomaly to that is me. I’m writing chapters 1, 20 (the central chapter to make sure things are tying together) and chapter 39, to bring it all to an end. At this point, we’re up to chapter 6, so we have a ways to go! And trust me, when we’re done and this thing finally comes out, hopefully before me unborn daughter graduates college, you’re going to see a lot of names that you will be very familiar with involved!”

“Having read your chilling inclusion in the Haunted Anthology, The Farmhouse, did you draw on any personal experiences, or is it all from the mind?”

Matt: “Again, I’m full of cute little anecdotes today. The characters in ‘The Farmhouse’ are all named after cousins of mine. They lived in a farmhouse that we always assumed was haunted, mainly because of all the scary shit that happened here! I used to love spending the night and listening to the stories they would tell me. The incident in the bedroom in the story actually happened to us. Scared the crap out of us all. Luckily, we made it out alive! Trust me, I’ll be putting out some stuff out in the future based on a lot of experiences I had in that house.”

"And what other projects do you have in the pipeline?”

Matt: “Right now, I’m working on the collaboration, obviously. I’ve just recently revamped the Collaboration of the Dead forum at
, now 50% more public-friendly! I’m working on several short stories for upcoming anthologies from Library of Horror Press, Wicked East Press, Northern Frights Press, and Pill Hill Press. I’m also working on an end-of-days zombie novel that features Jesus as an integral character. I have a story in the upcoming Pill Hill clone anthology Patented DNA. One thing that I am really excited about is the story ‘The Rebirth of Farmer’ that got accepted into the No More Heroes anthology that will be published by Library of Science Fiction and Fantasy Press. Honestly, I consider it to be some of my best work to date.”

“And finally, we all want to know, what really scares an author who delights in the production of the disturbing?”

Matt: “Again, the cliché answer that I have to give is zombie, man. They creep me out! I didn’t sleep the night after I saw the remake of Dawn of the Dead. I kept seeing my zombified son coming into our bedroom.”

I thank Matt for his appearance here at Filing Words.

Matt can be found at his blog, The Zombie Custodian, and trawling around a variety of Press and Publisher forums, under the pseudonym Farmboy. If you see him, please say hi. You can find his work from the houses: Pill Hill Press, Living Dead Press, Library of the Living Dead, Static Movement, and Wicked East Press.

I think that it safe to say that we’ll be seeing Matt around for many years to come, and I for one, look forward to reading his ideals, twisted and disturbing that they are.


Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New Stuff

As you can see from the pictures on the left, I've had another acceptance from Static Movement, a dark little tale, entitled 'Behind the Hay Wain' (Very artsy - I know).

Hopefully appearing by the beginning of next week, I've been lucky enough to secure an interview with Farmboy himself - Matt Nord, an upcoming writer from the heart of New York.

And here's the link to Amazon UK for Haunted.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Haunted - Now Available (Part II)

I know it's still today, but I've got home to find a package from the Printers, with my copies of the Anthology, Haunted.

Here's the link to Amazon (US):

I'm about to start reading, so I'll leave now with the official Pill Hill Press, Press Release:

Title: Haunted (An Anthology of the Supernatural)
Editor: Jessy Marie Roberts
ISBN: 978-1-61706-021-2
$16.99/Paperback/270 Pgs/9 x 6 x 0.6 inches
Amazon Link:
Publishing Date: 15 June 2010
Publisher: Pill Hill Press, 343 W 4th St., Chadron, NE 69337.
Contact: Jessy Marie Roberts (,
Release Immediately

Haunted (An Anthology of the Supernatural)

42 short stories about haunted places. Indulge in this collection of supernatural tales written by the following talented authors: David Tallerman, Miguel Lopez de Leon, Matt Carter, Kelli Wilkins, Martin T. Ingham, Emma Kathryn, Mark Taylor, Gerald Costlow, Stephanie L. Morrell, Jack Horne, Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, Jason Barney, Rob Rosen, Jonathan Sweet, Tony Schaab, Jennifer Chambers, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Karin Becht, Ellie Garratt, Christine E. Shulze, George Wilhite, Mark Souza, Scott Taylor, Shane McKenzie, Ben Langhinrichs, Matt Nord, Chris Allinotte, William Wood, Benjamin Rogers, Shawn Cook, John McCuaig, Val Muller, Andrew Flynn, Brandon Blackburn, Miles Boothe, Debbie Phillips Smith, Will Morton, John Pennington, Ruth Imeson, Travis K. Weltman, Marianne Halbert & Rich Matrunick.


Haunted is Available!

Haunted - An Anthology, is now available from Barnes and Noble. Click on the picture to be redirected to them:

I'll put the link up to Amazon when it arrives.

My contribution to this anthology is a little dittie entitled, "Howard Coward." Tis the tale of a young man enticed into the local 'Haunted House'. - We've all been there you know.

I'd just like to say a thank you to Pill Hill Press (link on the right), especially Jessy, for making the whole Anthology possible.

I've got my copies of this one pre-ordered, so I'll put up some thoughts on it when it arrives.


Friday, 18 June 2010

Last Man Anthology Update

It has been confirmed by Sword and Saga Press that The Last Man Anthology is to include works by Ray Bradbury, and C.J.Cherryh.

This is awesome news for me, to be included in an anthology with work from such prolific writers.

You can find them here: Ray Bradbury C.J.Cherryh


Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Sadly, Lame Goat Press has decided to cease trading. All my best to Christopher Jacobsmeyer, Editor In Chief.

On a much lighter note however, Chris Bartholomew has leapt to the aid of us authors, and taken the unpublished works from LGP over to Static Movement.


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Welcome to the Filing Words Blog!

Welcome the new Filing Words Blog, written by me, Mark Taylor. I'm an author of Dark Fiction, and thought it would be time to share some of my thoughts with you, as well as some of the books that I'm contributing into. Down here of the left, you'll find current antho's I'm connected to, as well as links from them to their publishers.

Check back, of course, for updates!