Monday, 26 July 2010


I've just gotten hold of the cover image here:

Another cool piece from the hallowed halls of the great Static Movement.


Sunday, 25 July 2010

New Acceptance and New Shootout!

I've just got the good news from Chris at Static Movment that the story Contagion has been accepted for the Were-What? Anthology. (Woot!)

Our friends at the at the Collaboration of the Dead are starting a new Shootout, of which Matt Nord has confirmed my place. (Swords at the ready... no, wait, keyboards?)

So I charge you to go over to these guys and show some support!



Sunday, 18 July 2010

Author List

As you can see on the right, I have started a list of prominent authors that I either share a listing with in a fiction antho, or just because I wanted to. Please support their works by flitting over to their sites.



Monday, 5 July 2010

Flash! - Now Available

Flash! An Anthology by Static Movement is now available from here:

I ended up with three pieces of flash fiction in this one, Once Bitten..., Choices, and Answers. It's not up at yet, so I'm just waiting...


Friday, 2 July 2010

Matt Nord: Behind the Words, Behind the Zombie Keeper.

- An interview

"Matt is an enthusiastic and talented new voice in the horror genre. His well-crafted stories are a treat to read." - Jessy Marie Roberts (June 2010), Editor-in-Chief, Pill Hill Press

Matt Nord is an aspiring young writer from Auburn, New York. At 34 years old, he is already a published fiction author specialising in the horror genre, with work under his belt including contributions to such books as, “Book of the Dead 4: Dead Rising,” “The Book of Horror,” and recently, “Haunted: An Anthology,” and is currently awaiting his name in print again, having been accepted into numerous new anthologies. This, combined with his work as the Founder of the tentatively named novel, “Collaboration of the Dead,” and his reviewing of other author’s work make him, if nothing else, certainly one of the busiest authors cracking his way into the business today. I am most grateful to Matt for taking the time out to talk to me, to tell us about himself and his work.

“Welcome Matt. Tell us a little bit about who you are.”

Matt: “I’m just a former janitor who got a Bachelor’s Degree in I.T and decided for some reason to try his hand at writing. So far, I’ve been fairly successful, so I’m either pretty good at it... or just pretty damn lucky! Take your pick. I currently live in Central New York with my wife and two sons, and am anxiously awaiting my first daughter, who’ll be making her appearance this September!”

“Most people will be familiar with your online pseudonym, ‘Farmboy,’ can you tell us how that came about?”

Matt: “It’s rather silly, actually. I was pretty big into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) for quite a while. I actually trained for about two years. I was a member of the Sherdog MMA forum and took the nickname of farmboy as a bit of an homage to Matt Hughes, who people seem to like to call ‘country boy’. Then it just stuck from forum to forum.”

“Most of your work seems to delve into the dark, and particularly into the realm of the undead. How did you become so fascinated by zombies and necromancy, and what are your influences?”

Matt: “Another funny story. My first introduction into the realm of the undead was watching Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video over at my aunt’s house. She had it on VHS and I remember being enthralled by it and watching it over and over, all the way through, including the kick-ass making of documentary afterward. That was the biggest influence that got me into zombies. Then, there was ‘Return of the Living Dead,’ which was my first zombie movie. Come on, Tarman was the coolest freaking zombie ever! My writing influences growing up would have to be Stephen King (as cliché as that may be), Anne Rice, and Clive Barker. Some of the author’s I read now are Rhiannon Frater, Eric S. Brown, and Timothy Long.”

“Tell us about the ‘Collaboration of the Dead’, and how you formulated such a novel idea?”

Matt: “I got the idea from a novel that Pill Hill Press is putting together, called Undead, Kansas. So, basically I stole the idea! Well, borrowed it sounds better. We have 19 writers writing a total of 39 chapters. A lottery was drawn and each writer given a number for the first chapter they are writing and then the second. Each order is repeated, so author (b) writes chapters 2 and 21, and so on. The only anomaly to that is me. I’m writing chapters 1, 20 (the central chapter to make sure things are tying together) and chapter 39, to bring it all to an end. At this point, we’re up to chapter 6, so we have a ways to go! And trust me, when we’re done and this thing finally comes out, hopefully before me unborn daughter graduates college, you’re going to see a lot of names that you will be very familiar with involved!”

“Having read your chilling inclusion in the Haunted Anthology, The Farmhouse, did you draw on any personal experiences, or is it all from the mind?”

Matt: “Again, I’m full of cute little anecdotes today. The characters in ‘The Farmhouse’ are all named after cousins of mine. They lived in a farmhouse that we always assumed was haunted, mainly because of all the scary shit that happened here! I used to love spending the night and listening to the stories they would tell me. The incident in the bedroom in the story actually happened to us. Scared the crap out of us all. Luckily, we made it out alive! Trust me, I’ll be putting out some stuff out in the future based on a lot of experiences I had in that house.”

"And what other projects do you have in the pipeline?”

Matt: “Right now, I’m working on the collaboration, obviously. I’ve just recently revamped the Collaboration of the Dead forum at
, now 50% more public-friendly! I’m working on several short stories for upcoming anthologies from Library of Horror Press, Wicked East Press, Northern Frights Press, and Pill Hill Press. I’m also working on an end-of-days zombie novel that features Jesus as an integral character. I have a story in the upcoming Pill Hill clone anthology Patented DNA. One thing that I am really excited about is the story ‘The Rebirth of Farmer’ that got accepted into the No More Heroes anthology that will be published by Library of Science Fiction and Fantasy Press. Honestly, I consider it to be some of my best work to date.”

“And finally, we all want to know, what really scares an author who delights in the production of the disturbing?”

Matt: “Again, the cliché answer that I have to give is zombie, man. They creep me out! I didn’t sleep the night after I saw the remake of Dawn of the Dead. I kept seeing my zombified son coming into our bedroom.”

I thank Matt for his appearance here at Filing Words.

Matt can be found at his blog, The Zombie Custodian, and trawling around a variety of Press and Publisher forums, under the pseudonym Farmboy. If you see him, please say hi. You can find his work from the houses: Pill Hill Press, Living Dead Press, Library of the Living Dead, Static Movement, and Wicked East Press.

I think that it safe to say that we’ll be seeing Matt around for many years to come, and I for one, look forward to reading his ideals, twisted and disturbing that they are.