Sunday, 3 October 2010

Acceptance, Available, Shootout, A Wicked Bag and A Novella - Phew!


I've been unavailable to update in a while so here goes:

Firstly the acceptance;

I recieved the fantastic news that my story (subbed in April BTW) 'Humanity' was accepted into the anthology "Ransom - give me what I want and I'll go away (Maybe)" over at Wicked East Press. (Thanks Jessica). That means that not only am I in their flagship first publication "Cup of Joe" but also their second. It feels like I'm becoming one of the family there (or maybe a hostage) what with the shootout, wicked bag and all.

Here's the cover:

Cool huh?

Next we have the Available;

Fem Fangs from Pill Hill Press is now available at Amazon, and you can find it here:

or here:

Rattling in at 450 pages it should be quite a read!

Meanwhile in the shootout;

All four rounds have now passed by and I'm just waiting for the final set of results. I did well in the first two rounds maintaining 2nd place, but bummed out heavily in the 3rd - I can only keep my fingers crossed for the final round!

The Wicked Bag;

Wicked East Press have started a second challenge and I have been selected to participate. The Wicked Bag of Tales involves us all writing a single story based on the randomly selected idea of another participant. I subbed my idea for someone else, and now I wait...

And the Novella;

I've been talking to Charles Day, a novelist from NY, and he's spawned an idea. Two men, sharing a car, share in an unfortunate and fatal accident. It just isn't them that get it - but they do have the same fate in store.

Charles is writting the story of Al Fudrucker, and I, Benny Fairweather. Two very different characters.

We've got a publisher in mind, and currently have our heads down, plugging away to make something special.

I'd just like to take this time to thank Charlie for working with me, and for the support that I've recieved from him over my work. Thanks Charlie.