Saturday, 4 December 2010

Quick Update...

Right, well, where to begin...

Firstly, the horror novella collection that I've been working on with Charles Day a.k.a. Charlie in the Box is now complete, and even over at an editor - who loved our query letter btw - for consideration. I'm hoping that Charlie will pop by in the not so distant future and do an interview with me, but for now here he is:

Meet Charlie in the Box.

Charles Day

You can of course find Charlie here:, so go check him out, but don't ask for a hug!

I've finally made the big start on the Wicked Bag of Tales, and that is shaping up.

Daily Bites of Flesh is now available:

From Amazon (US) here:

And Daily Flash is available:

From Amazon (US) here:

Well, that's all for now, but I'll be back.


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  1. Hey Mark, congrats on all the success thus far, and of course on the Novella "redemption."

    Charlie would be honored to come and talk about how he's been such an inspiration to me.
    We both look forward to it!!