Wednesday, 8 December 2010

What's the opposite of writers block?

I've had writers block. I think anyone who sits in front of a keyboard, picks up a pen, or holds a crayon between their toes has had it. Sitting there, looking at the flickering screen wondering whether to get hammered in the off chance that an epipheny may occur.

I don't have it at the moment. I've got the opposite of it. The questions is, what is it?

Other people have asked the very same question, I know, I googled it. But it always seems to be a sort of hyperthetical question, where the person that asks it has just simply got too much work to do, and not enough time to do it. (We all have that problem, and it's nothing to do with writer block.)

No. At the moment I've just got too much to say, with word counts that don't allow for it. Let me give you an example. I've got a max. word count on a story of 10K. I've written 5K. Having stopped to take a breath and see where I'm at, I realise that halfway through I've said little to nothing.  Sure, I've built elaborate scenes and interesting characters... but nothing's happened.

You may have noticed that I specialise in horror. I'm halfway through and I haven't killed anyone yet! These words just keep coming from nowhere.

Still, I mustn't complain. They'll be plenty of time to do that next time I do have writers block. So for now I'm just going to name this 'opposite of writers block' to what... I don't know... Kevin maybe.


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