Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hidden Thoughts: Open Call - True Stories in Mental Wellness

From Hidden Thoughts Press:

I want raw, no holding back, from the heart stories about your ups and downs, time as a patient and more importantly, how you pulled through. You stories of success will inspire others who read this anthology book, giving and sharing the knowledge needed to survive and defeat their illness so they too, will be able to attain whatever goals they want and desire.

Hidden Thoughts Press is a small press dedicated to Mental Wellness and the sharing of real life stories to help others understand and deal with their own problems.
It's a fantastic cause and supported fully by The Filing Words Blog.
If you are interested in following and supporting Hidden Thoughts:
Open Call for Real Stories on Mental Wellness

Charles Day (Founder) 

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  1. Hey Mark, I need to visit your blog more often.

    Thanks for the support. We are up to about 5 submissions that we are considering and the introduction will be written by a person who owns a mental wellness and recovery organization.
    I'll keep you posted on this anthology and others on the way!