Friday, 14 January 2011

A New Year, and Time to see if Kevin's back.

Well, I'm back after my Christmas break (and by break I actually stopped writing for about five days - mostly over New Year).

So it's time to flush out some stuff. Currently I'm working on short, (still got those novels sitting there half done) and waiting on some subs - predominately 'Redemption'. Both Charlie and myself must've chewed down to our knuckles by now.

So, the question remains, is Kevin back to haunt more writing, or will I have writer's block?

The answer is simple... neither. I've been writing a short this week, the words are coming out slowly, but surely... it's working, so it's all good.


Cup of Joe and Ransom from Wicked East Press should be making an appearance soon.

Rock & Roll is Dead from Blood Bound Books has been delayed due to health problems, but will be out hopefully in the next two months or so. (Get well Marc)

That just leaves There can be Only One, and the Wicked Bag of Tales, both of which close to authors at the end of this month, but I'm all done and dusted with them. ('cause I'm a good boy)


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  1. Hey Mark, well is Kevin back! LOL

    You right, my fingers are tapping away, I'm looking at my email daily, only two weeks left to find out!! Be in touch!