Monday, 10 October 2011

Halloween Movies for all the Family

Well, out of the norm, and giving you plenty of time to pick them up off Amazon, I thought I'd share my recommendations for your Halloween Movie Night. A bit of something for everyone methinks!

For the whole family:

A hard one for sure, and most people feel differently about both, so we have:

Personally, I prefer The Monster Squad, but if you've got a couple of lil ones running about both will serve well. Honestly, in my formative youth, The Goonies scared the crap out of me (Yeah I know), but I think The Monster Squad is cooler.

I won't recommend either - particularly if the young people are only just old enough to talk. If that's case, then perhaps Thomas the Tank Engine's Christmas DVD?

A Night in with The Gang:

(Yes, I used gang because I couldn't be bothered to specify boys or girls). Okay, well, what would I watch? Look, if you've got a load of people around and the beer's a' flowin', then you want something fun, right? It's got to be fast moving and gory? How about this:

I know that Aliens is an obvious choice, but you haven't seen it for a couple of years right? Well, it's time to dig it out again.

As for Dog Soldiers, I don't know how well you know it. If you haven't seen it, go, go now and watch it. Trust me. I'm an author. Seriously. I hear your harks. Yeah, if you haven't seen Dog Soldiers, it's a fantastic flick, worthy of any gory night in...

The Light of Dark...

I know that some people don't want to see the dead of man rising and that malarky. Just a chill... a feeling of horror without the bite... Hm. That's a bit tougher.

Okay then, how about this:

I know that Paranormal Activity is a sequel. I know. But if you haven't seen the first one, remember, it's actually a prequel. Either way, it's not as scary as the first, and it does well as a chiller.

Right At your Door, never heard of it? Shame on you! A cool little film with an ending that will leave you shocked. Honestly. I can't recommend it enough.

The Daring and Downright Discusting: 


Yes, Bad Taste is old school Aussie gore and Inside is new wave French horror, but they both pack the punch.

True, Bad Taste is funny, and equally revolting, but it is directed and starring Peter Jackson (yes, that one).

Don't be put off by the fact that Inside has subtitles, the spoken words are few and far between, and it's chilling... to the bone.

So, I reckon that's it. If you want a challenge, why not watch them all...

'Till next time...


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