Thursday, 22 December 2011

Buy this Now: The Plan by Charles Day

Frankie is about to come into a large, large amount of money. He listened in on a secret, and now he’s devised a plan to retrieve these unmarked bills before those he heard it from, get to it first. However, he’s going to bring a few of his friends in to help him collect. They will be needed in order for his plan to work.This is not going to be easy for Frankie, and he’s not even sure he trusts his buddies to keep things under the radar after they get this loot. Nonetheless, he recruits them with the impression that they are getting together to do another assignment from their higher ups in suits.As things progress, Frankie will soon find out he’s made a grave mistake and will have to pay the ultimate price.The Plan is full of mystery, suspense and a conspiracy that should have never came to be.Welcome to Frankie’s twisted and dark world.

The Plan is now available for only $2.99.

Do it! Buy it! Buy it NOW!
(PS: I've known Charlie for a long time. His stuff is cool)

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  1. Thank you so much, my writer friend, and soon to be fellow co author in an upcoming Novella!!

    I feel the word ACCEPTED coming soon!!