Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Three Random Writing Rambles: 02/05/12

Today's 3 bites of writing randomness:

  • Finishing the story is hard - especially if you don't want it to end. Maybe if you have to kill off your lead, or if you just like what you're writing you don't want it to end. This is particularly pertinent to first drafts. The answer is actually easy. If you want to waste your time keep writing. Drag it on. Make it longer. Hell, make it as long as you like. I mean, no one's going to read it anyway. Second draft? You'll hack the whole lot out. Drop that sword. Kill that lead. All good things come to an end.  
  • Picture the people that you write about in your head. I know it sounds a bit crazy - baring in mind that your readers will probably picture them differently - but if you do, then you'll find that continuity in speech and action will come more easily.
  • Don't bog down and over complicate. I don't know anything about submarines. I know nothing aside from that they are big tubes that go under water; they have periscopes; and somewhere the radar thingy goes, blip, bliip, bliiip! Thing is, if you're setting a horror on one of these things I don't need to know as much about it as you do. That blippy thing is a radar. I don't need to know that it's the third generation 4X2 model, an old yet reliable radar from about thirty years ago n the Czech Republic. Especially if it doesn't go wrong, and is never mentioned again.

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