Sunday, 12 August 2012

Being an Author: Changing Faces...

And whilst the forces of Heaven and Hell battle once more, the Angel, Peter, stands at the gates, his sword in his hand, facing down against the hordes of darkness. The serene clouds of the other world are turned to black. The evil rises in the night.

And when I'm happy?

Fluffy, the pinkest bunny gayly dances in a field of poppys. And smiles.

So as a writer, an author, call yourself what you will, should your own (and personal) feelings effect what you write? Am I wrong to turn my back on the horror of my usual meanderings on the page just because I'm happy? When sad, should I murder my protagonist in the most horrific and bloody way (you know I'm going to anyway)?

No. There, that was a short answer.

When life kicks you, learn from it. When it bathes you in chocolate, learn from it. For those that  follow my words, don't do what I did at the beginning of this year.

Use it.

Writing is an outlet, a joyous thing, a calling, an escape. Again, call it what you will. But don't stop. Writing will help you battle the darkness, and can roll and flow with you in the chocolate.

The point of this?

Nothing really. I'm just rolling in chocolate. ;)

'Til next time.

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