Friday, 17 August 2012

Three Random Writing Rambles: 17/08/12

  • Characterization is hard. Talking about people is hard. When you want to write a believable character, believe in that character. Don't write their words, feel them. Imagine someone saying them to you. Did that sound right? Do people talk like that? Try it. It's a good start.
  • When you're feeling stressed about the words on the page, panic and write more. I couldn't believe how much my writing makes sense when I've got a deadline looming (or more than one - just saying) it's nearly midnight, I've got the day job in few hours... but,
  • Always edit your work. I've said it before, and likely, I'll say it again. Whilst working as an editor, working in collaboration, and just through plain sharing, I've seen it all. It's hard to believe the lengths some people go to in editing their work. I mean, it's pristine. Others? Erm. Yeah (Least said, and all that). I know it's the editors job to edit the work, but trust me, it's mighty off-putting when 'judging' the quality of a piece when you have to stop every two lines because you've fallen over another mistake. Just sayin'.

And a forth bonus ramble...

  • I've just looked at my visitor stats. My visitor numbers are increasing. This is good. However, one of the referring sites which shall stay nameless is a 'teen amateur' adult site. How? How did someone go from that to this? Just watchin' a bit of porn... might see what's up over a filing words... think I'll check out a cake recipe. 
 'Til next time...

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