Tuesday, 18 September 2012

An Interview: Jessica A. Weiss

Jessica. She's the one on the right.

It's a very proud moment for us at FW to welcome Jessica A. Weiss. We have worked with her, shared anthologies and edited with her (-even still have things in the pipeline-) for many, many years.

Jessica is an Author, an Editor, the founder of Wicked East Press, and a friend. 

So, to the interview...

FW: As an author, editor and founder of a press, could you tell us, what is your driving force behind your work? And which role do you enjoy most?

JAW: My driving force is the act of creating. I've been making things my entire life. Being an avid reader, I've always wanted to create a permanent document. With the press I get to create covers, interiors, blurbs, ebooks--a little bit of everything. My favorite role is…can I say all? There are great and horrible moments for all. If I HAVE to choose just one, it would be founder of a press. It's rewarding to publish someone for their first time and then watch as their writing career takes them off into bigger and better projects.

FW: How hard is it to juggle all of these roles that you have placed upon yourself?

JAW: It is extremely hard. My own writing has fallen behind everything else. Besides author/owner/editor, I am mother/wife/taxi driver for 4 kids, and animal rescue volunteer. My hobbies have also fallen behind, but I still try to squeeze everything in, just in smaller proportions.

FW: Do you see yourself becoming the next Rowling/King/James - what I'm saying is do you foresee a prolific writing career, or would you prefer to become the driving force and business woman behind the writer?

JAW: I don't think I'll ever be in the same group of Rowling/King/James. I prefer to be the driving force behind other writers; to be the one that gives that unknown the confidence to keep on writing and submitting.

FW: What are your future plans for Wicked East Press?

JAW: Besides the annual collection, and the wide variety of subject matter WEP already works with, I plan on doing some charity anthologies to support animal rescue. There are two planned for 2013; Shelter Dog Love, and Shelter Cat Love.

FW: As an author, who do you aspire to? Who is your inspiration?

JAW: Holly Black is my inspiration as a writer. She has a passionate force behind her writing and she covers a multitude of genres. As an editor, I aspire to Ellen Datlow--no explanation needed on that one!

FW: What are you writing at the moment, and when are you going to unleash the great 'Jessica' novel?

JAW: I don't plan on writing a “Jessica” novel. I do have a collection of poetry that I am considering putting out in the real world. But when it comes time to unveil my own large work, I can guarantee you that it will be a collection of short stories.

FW: Tell us, just because we must know, something that no one else knows about yourself.

JAW: Though the written word is near and dear to my heart, I've always dreamed of a professional singing career. Even used to compete in Karaoke contests when I wasn't DJing a karaoke show.

FW: And of course, what are you reading - for fun - at the moment?

JAW: At the moment I am not reading anything for fun.  I recently finished “Beyond Anon” by Pete Giglio and will post a review as time permits. I carry short fiction collections with me at all times as well as hundreds of other reading venues. Whatever I read gets reviewed on Amazon, you can find all reviews there.

FilingWords would like to thank Jessica for her time in coming here. You can find her at Wicked East Press find her on Facebook (of course) and when you see her, say hi. Open submissions for the press, news and updates can be found at the forum, here.

'Til next time... 

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