Monday, 10 September 2012

Being an Author: Writing Your First Novel, Part 4

I've taken it out the cooler...

...and held it in my hand - I felt like Indiana Jones. It's precious, priceless even. It is... mine. 

Or is it?
Is it a pile of donkey balls?
Only one way to find out...

Editing the first draft:

So I've never edited my own novel before. How hard can it be? It's only like a really long short story, right?



So I've done the first chapter. And now I'm filled with fear. I know that it's not supposed to be like this. I don't know how to say it... but... I like it.

The first chapter is slightly askew to the rest of the book. It is set in another place, another time, and serves only as a back story to one of the main cast of characters. It is then fundamentally a short story in itself. Maybe that why I like it.

Sure I changed things, but I didn't change much. It seemed... pretty good. It was tense. It portrayed what I needed it to. It was okay. No complaints. Good so far.

Now at this point I have to mention that I glanced at the first page of the second chapter.

Look out!

Flying donkey balls!
I feel that perhaps I should leave that to another day. So I will. (But, boy, did that look rough).

So anyway, in amidst of my sheer panic over the obvious 'oh my God, I've written a whole novel of darling,' (and by this point had started on the beer) I realized something else. I had forgotten it. It's been in the cooler for a month (maybe a little more) and I have forgotten it.

This, people, is why we cooler it.

I'll be back with chapter two later, along with, I fear, deep loathing and disgust for my own words. And alcohol. Much, much, alcohol.

'Til next time...

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