Thursday, 6 September 2012

When Kevin Comes, He Comes, He Comes...


Yeah, you know what  I'm saying. So I've got: Shorts out on subs; Flash out on subs; Novel in the cooler; Collab novel in editing; Novel on the go; Colab novel in plotting; Oh, got another idea for a short; Quick scribble down this bit of flash...

Can't stop. Don't want to stop. Should I stop? Don't know. Don't care. Not a 'Being an Author' post. Just rambling.

I've got a head ache.

When Kevin turns up at my door, on occasion I have to say, enough. I've spurted thousand upon thousand of words this week on my new novel. I plotted it. See my 'writing novels' posts. You have to plot it. Or you'll go crazy. Crazy I tell yer. Oinking you'll be. Squeelin' like a little piggy.

I have written so much in fact, I've written so far off topic that I could just put all my notes on the original idea in the drawer and do that one later. Resemblance = None. (Apart from names. Names stayed.)

(Back to 'trying something new' though, I still like it)

So anyway, where was I? Yes. Take a break. My norm would be to write less at the weekends than during the week. At the moment, I'm writing a lot. A really lot. A lotta lot. Lots. Jesus. I just can't stop. It's good. Feels great*. But I'm tired and the editing is suffering. So I need to take a step back. Take a breath. 

Will I? No. Kevin's a drug. The more I write, the more I want to.

The only problem is that I keep waking up with an imprint of a keyboard on my face. Which is embarrassing at work.

Want to hit 2K tonight. That's 10K of novel in 4 days. And I've done some editing. And flash. And this. I should start editing the one in the cooler as well. Might start that after I hit 2K tonight.

...9...10...Never sleep again...



*When I say feels great, I mean feels great like I've just take a massive hit of barbiturates and feel great. Later I will feel like death. Just death. Not even warmed up.

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