Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dark Thoughts: A Review

I have to admit that I had never read any of Martin Reaves work before this. That is something that I wish now to remedy.

Dark Thoughts is a collection of shorts (I suppose you could say Dark Fantasy but I prefer Horror), that makes your skin crawl.

Like, really crawl.

The stories are not horrible. That much I must make clear and that I don't mean horrible to be icky.

This is not a collection of blood soaked monstrocities for the gore hound.

Some of these will make you not want to finish them for fear of what might happen. I don't honestly know how Martin emotes his characters in the way that he does.

In shorts, some no more wordy than flash fiction, Martin is piling on the raw emotion of the characters in sad, horrible and blood curling situations.

Some of the tales leave you shuddering in the dark saying 'Thank God, this isn't happening to me', and others leave a lump in your throat saying, 'Thank God, this isn't happening to me'.

Whichever type you're reading, it's a roller coaster.

You can get Dark Thoughts on Amazon US Paper Back and on Kindle Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Go and buy it. You'll thank me.

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