Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Being an Author: Writing Your First Novel, Part 9

So this is it.

I'm going to get this done now. It's time to run at it and complete it.

Draft Four. The final countdown. The last words are going to go in. The last shuffle of paragraphs. One day, one day real soon, I'm going to say, "It's finished."

Tears will be shed. Wine drunk. Beer swam in.

At my current pace of work, this should take no more than... 10 days? Maybe 20. (Christ, man, stop hedging and get on with it already.)

I assume the next 'Writing Your First Novel' post will be after. When it is complete. When I'm deciding what to do with it. What my next steps are.

Or (most likely) when in a few days from now I have a complete and utter meltdown, and decide that I hate it... again.

Either way, I know that finishing it is only going to be the start. And only one of the many projects that I'm working on to be completed.

One step at a time though.

'Til next time...

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