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Bella Harte: The Scarlett Phoenix Blog Tour

Filingwords are proud to have with us today author Bella Harte promoting the launch of her novel, 'Scarlett Phoenix', the first book in The Seraphoenix Saga.

We also managed to get a few words with her...

About the Book:

Scarlett Phoenix is the jumping off point for this exciting new YA PNR series.

"She is the only one of her kind, he is her last hope"

Scarlett Paige is just a regular teenager until her parents suddenly decide move to back to America. Finding herself thrust into a new school, a new town and a whole new way of life, things can't seem get any worse until her 18th birthday arrives. Her world as she knows it, is irrevocably changed by a whole new set of life threatening complications.

Two brothers, one to save her and one to kill her, who will win?

A terrible plan to rid the world of humanity is revealed and she is caught smack in the middle of it.

Scarlett finds herself amidst a battle that’s been waged since the beginning of time; with beings she never knew existed and hideous creatures she wished that didn’t. Thrown into total chaos, as she is plunged into an entirely different future and one that is utterly unexpected, with dire consequences she never saw coming.

To find out more about the first book in The Seraphoenix Saga, see the buy links below.

Buy Links:

About the Author:

Bella Harte has been writing for well over a decade, and completed several novels before deciding to go
in a whole new direction and write for the Young Adult genre. More specifically the YA PNR – Young Adult
Paranormal Romance category.

Her first published YA Novel is ‘Scarlett Phoenix’ - Book I in The Seraphoenix Saga, with Book II:- ‘Crimson Fire’
being schedule for release in early 2013 and Book III:- ‘Red Ashes’ for later in the year.

She has also been working on two other YA PNR series:

The Angel of Death Series

Book I – Reaper
Book II – Touched
Book III – Afterlife

Nine Lives Series

Book I – The Glaring
Book II – Midnight Calling
Book III - Hunters Moon

Aside from writing, Bella has been worked as a fashion designer, interior designer, artist and currently she is
figuring out ways to best market her novels. She attended Business College after leaving school, followed by
Art College, where she studied:- ceramics, fashion design, pattern cutting, textiles and art.

She lives in a quiet part of the East Midlands in England with her husband, and worked for a World-Wide
Export Company for several years, which enabled her to travel to far off places around the globe and enjoy a wide and varied cross section of cultures.

Bella says of the future: No one can predict what’s around the corner, but the journey will be a fascinating one to say the least, and I always expect the unexpected!


And in interview...

FW: Firstly, could you tell us a little about yourself?

BH: I’m an author of YA PNR Novels and have been writing for as long as I can remember.  I’m a total Post-it Note addict and have them in every colour, shape and size - they are the perfect tool for scribbling notes on!  I’m an avid reader and have been known to fill my suitcase with books when I go on holiday - as a book a day keeps the boredom away.  All I can say is: Thank goodness for my Kindle, my suitcase never exceeds the maximum baggage allowance anymore!   Apart from writing, I enjoy a wide selection of artistic pursuits, such as: painting – furniture restoration – interior design – photography – and many more.  

FW: What inspires you to write?

BH: I’m inspired by life.  Sometimes it’s tough, sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s glorious and others it’s detestable.  No two days are the same, there’s is something to be found in every situation that has the potential to spark the beginning of a new story or provide a solution to one I’m already working on.  

FW: How much do you write?

BH: Lots and lots.  Not only my novels, but blogging and everything else that technology allows us to do.  Everyday I'm writing something for somewhere or someone and then for myself too.  So I spend many hours a day at the keyboard.

FW: With such a number of novels written, can you offer up any advice for new authors?

BH: I’m no expert, but my advice would be: keep writing, no matter how bad you think it is, just do it.  You’ll never get any better if you don’t hone your craft. Join writers groups, talk with other authors, read every book you can about writing (there’s shelves of them at the library). If you really want to write, then you will, it’s really that simple.  There’s one thing that is very necessary as a new writer and that is: edit, edit, and then edit some more.  Even when you think you’ve finished editing, you’ll find that actually you haven’t. 

FW: If you could meet anyone - dead or alive - who would it be?

BH: If I could meet anyone,  and have total guarantee of my safety I would like to go back in time and meet Boadicea (or Boudicca).  She was one seriously fierce fighting lady.  I think that she would have been terrifying in her chariot when she led the uprising against the Romans in 60AD and just image all the nitty gritty that never made into the history books. Now that would be some juicy stuff, the stuff that fantastical stories are made of!

FW: Your favorite book?

BH: My all time favourite novel is ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams.  His humour is sublime, I just love all his novels.  He was a truly great writer.

FW: What are you reading at the moment?

BH: At the moment I am reading: ‘Airel’ (The Airel Saga, Book 1) by Aaron Patterson and Chris White.  It's an excellent novel, I’m 2/3rds of the way through and I’ve just seen that there’s a sequel called ‘Michael’ which I’ll be getting as soon as I’ve finished the first one.

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