Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Shameless Promotion: Todd Card

It's safe to say that I haven't known Todd Card very long, only a couple of months in fact. But there is one thing that I can - and will - say about him:

Todd Card is kind of awesome.

He makes shit happen. He stands by his decisions. And to pot, he's one nice guy. He extended his hand to me in friendship on only the word of a friend of mine, Rebecca Besser. Yeah. He's that kind of awesome.

So I'm here to say this:

Todd Card: Hell Cometh
This book looks awesome, doesn't it? You want to own it, don't you? You know what? You can!

US Click here: Hell Cometh to attain this fine tome on kindle or real paper (go on, real paper smells so much better).
UK Click here: Hell Cometh to attain this fine tome on kindle.

Want to know more? Not convinced? (You should be, doubter...)

Why not follow the jump to the official website? It's full of all sorts of awesome:

Tom Savini asked Todd for an autographed copy of the book! Tom freakin' Savini!

Go. Go now. Go and buy the book! Visit the site! Buy the book, then visit the site!


  1. This is awesome of you, my friend. I wanted to say thank you. This means more to me, than you know. Be well.