Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Being an Author: 2012 in review.

It's been one hell of a ride, this year. So much has happened. So much...

The writing has changed.

Mark Taylor:
The Human Condition
From 12 months ago, stylistically my writing has changed dramatically. I have 'The Human Condition' coming out soon from Wicked East Press. A book full of the woes of people. It is a dark insight into man, and the evil that man does.

I've just finished the novel 'Shutter Speed'. It is a look into the mind of a psychotic madman. Real world nasties.

I don't write like that all the time anymore.

I'm currently writing a horror comedy about Hell. And a collab about dark spiritualist magic. And one about vampires. I've got another collab simmering - dark fantasy.

But 'The Human Condition II - Human Behavior' is waiting. It's still there in the background.

And there's 'Small Cuts to the Psyche'. I'm never short of work.

I think the new writing is more fun. I'm certainly having more fun with it.

I've also learned a lot this year. My grammar has improved, believe it or not, but I'm still fighting the constant battle against commas. *waves fist*

The author has changed.

Me? Yeah. I'm not the man I once was. I guess that's why my writing has changed. I look at things differently now.

Sometimes you have to look around and just take a minute to smell the roses.

And speaking of roses, I've met my inspiration. She's my bacon. I won't embarrass her here, but she knows who she is, and, well, she's my everything.

join us...
I've stepped out of the shadows and done something I never thought I would. I joined Facebook. Social networking appears to largely consist of slightly deranged people screaming about very deranged things. I only planned to use it to interact with other writer's and those in this business (one way or the other). That didn't last very long.

I have met some awesome people there who - whether they realize it or not - have helped me greatly.

Without them I might not be writing this now.

Eden Royce will always have a special place in my heart. She has a wonderful way of writing and is a wonderful person. She has supported me and my work rigorously over the last few months. My novel would not be finished without her.

Dale Eldon may possibly be a genius. His constant support (and somewhat eerie cheerfulness) have helped me to continue. His forthcoming projects excite me (no, not like that), and he makes me think about what I'm doing, differently.

Rebecca Besser is quite, quite mad. But also a great writer. And a good friend. She tirelessly supports the art and can be an inspiration to all of us as a writer, editor, and all the other things she works at. I'm beginning to think that she has a time machine - there aren't enough hours in the day to do what she does.

There are too many other people to list, but so many people have supported me.

I'm now stronger.

These days my writing has got more fight... and a new bite.

I've got more fight.

Imminently I will unleash the new look of the blog. It's looked like this since the beginning and it's time to change. It needs to grow too. I currently welcome ten times the visitors I did six months ago, and that number grows each and every month.

A new face for 2013 to go with the new words.

'Til next time...


  1. You're flippin' awesome! Mad, am I?! I hear all the best people are. ;)

    It's been a pleasure hanging out, joking around, and becoming friends, Mark. I hope to have you in the group of great writers walking side by side together as we enter this new year and show the world what we've got to offer: Insanity never yet imagined! *evil giggle*


  2. :)

    'Tis a team of awesome I stride into the night with. Every single one of them is special.

  3. Loved! Outstanding piece! SHARED!

  4. Thank you so much, Mark. I haven't known you as long as many of my author pals, but I respect you all the same. You are good people, just as others from (you know where). I try to help others, but it can be hard since we all have different needs. I'm honored that I have helped. If it wasn't for my dear friends online, I wouldn't be very cheery. I have been depressed enough that I have scared people, and as a horror author that has tickled me, it wasn't on purpose. Rebecca has been a huge inspiration for me, she is a sweetheart, and a crazy minx that spews forth amazing stories. I love her to pieces (not like that). And there is someone special in your life? Con-freaking-grats! I too have been lit by a sweet thing, which also has made being cheery easier. She just knows how to make me happy, even though it's online (though it's complicated, copious smiles ensue). She too is pure awesome-sauce. And I wouldn't know her if it wasn't for you guys. :^)

    You rock, my dear friend! And I haven't forgot your interview on my blog ;^)

  5. Whoo hoo!

    Glad to know that I helped you. It's major to say that your novel wouldn't have been finished without me. (Not positive about that, but I'll take it!)

    You're an amazing writer, Mark, and a great guy. Thanks for all of your feedback on my work and I hope to collabo with you when your (busy) schedule permits.

  6. We will! You're wonderful, and an inspiration. :)