Sunday, 9 December 2012

Being an Author: Writing Your First Novel, Part 10

In a year that has seen more than a few changes (but more of that in my review of the year), it is done.

I have finished, edited, murdered, resurrected and slain it one last time. The novel is finished.

So before I bore you with the details of said novel I feel that I should make comment in an advicey sort of way.

What I've learned:

Once you've started, don't stop. Finish it. Write the damned novel.

Resenting it is part of the journey. Don't hate it because you resent it, use it. Learn from it.

Don't be alone. Talk to people. If you don't want to talk to writers about the work in progress just talk to them about other works.

Find a forum to vent on (No, not literally a forum - the admins get narky). This is mine.

They say write drunk, edit sober. They're lying. Writing drunk just causes you to have read it later, scratch your head and say, 'huh?'.

Focus on the work. Try not to change writing style in the middle. (I changed a lot over the time it took me to write it and the re-writes just to correct style took a while)

Edit it. A lot. I mean a lot.

Realize before you start that when it is written, there is still a lot to do.

So anyway, when I feel inclined to I'll do a whole summary thing post. Maybe point out things that I did wrong. There was a lot of that.

Let me introduce to you:

"Shutter Speed"

I'll do a whole blurb thing at some point, but basically a chiller, Shutter Speed is about a guy with a dual personality. He's bat-shit crazy. Well, half of him is. 

It is full of profoundly bad language, totally unnecessary 'hair curling' violence and battered frog's legs. And now I've finished, now the book is complete, I kinda like it. 

It is part of me now.

I suppose the summary post will be the last 'Writing Your First Novel'. Maybe I should do 'Writing Your Second Novel'? Hold on, I've already started that one.

By the way...

...know anyone that might want to publish a novel?

'Til next time...

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