Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lady Killer: A Review

Donald White: Lady Killer
I've just finished turning the pages on short, 'Lady Killer' by Donald White.

It is not what I expected.

The narrative and pacing of the story remind me of an old 'tec noir. The 'lone voice in the head' type of exposition.

But it is chilling.

The voice that you are listening to - the voice that we all imagine to be our own - is that of 'Rick'. Rick is a killer. The way Donald White has tailored the tale, the reader is unsure of the motives - and practices - of Rick until the story unfolds. It is a very clever example of story telling.

If you like clever, dark fiction, with a sting in the tale, I must recommend it. To be sure, it is not for the gore hounds, although there will be death, and it is an exciting read.

It is cheaper than your coffee, will last just as long, and the two will go hand in hand when you want to snug up and be a little afraid.

Buy it from Amazon US: here, and Amazon UK: here.

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