Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Being an Author: Where I'm at.


That's where I'm at.

Projects. I want to say too many to name, but hell, I'm gonna start naming.

This week 'naming' has caused me some concerns. I won't go into it, but I was angry and hurt by something that I stumbled across whilst looking into open calls. But as my Random Ramble stated at the beginning of the week - keep moving forward. I've decided to bury the hatchet. Whether that is in someone's head or not remains to be seen.

Shutter Speed.

Novel. Horror. Touting. Anyone wanna buy a novel?

The Human Condition.

Waiting to go to print. Ain't it sweet:


What started life as a collection of interlinked novellas have been Frankensteined into a novel. I just need to add a few parts here and there, and work out what to do with last remaining character I want to kill off and then it is done. It doesn't help that a couple of weeks ago I made a rather emphatic change to it. I sort of gave it cardiomegaly. Which is a good thing long term, but meant that my meanders into one characters hatred of a film star had to be changed. It will soon be revealed.

The Devil's Hand.

What started as a short for an open call has morphed. I completed it. Looked at it. Realized I loved one of the characters, and had to keep going. I have plotted and planned (yes, me) a five novelette serial based on the character. I'm working on finalizing covers for them, the first is done, the second all but and then forward. Watch this space.

Spoiler. First look:


The second solo novel. Ah yes. My new, somewhat secret project. I'm keeping this one close to my belt. It's all horror and supernatural stuff. Got a good feeling about this one.

Untitled Collab.

The talking is done. We've both agreed to wait until a couple of other things are out the way, but this one is new for me. I'm going a little off-genre. Yeah. Me. Not doing the straight horror thing.

Anyone would think I was growing.

I still have other projects, but they are currently on hold while things get sorted out.

So that's where I am.

As an aside though:

I've just had word that Pill Hill Press has closed it's doors. I haven't worked with Jessie or Alva in many years, but they were the press that published Haunted Mansion. It contained my first ever published story. For that I owe them, possibly, my whole writing career.

I wish them and their family well, and the best for the future.

Good luck.

'Til next time...

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