Thursday, 3 January 2013

Death in the Times of Madness: A Review

I actually know author Michael S. Gardner of old. 

And his stuff is creepy. Not for the faint of heart. 
This work...
is... not... for... children...

Michael S. Gardner: Death in the Times of Madness
Yeah, And you've gotta love that cover too.

Death in the Times of Madness is a collection of short stories. They go from odd to creepy, from mind bending to truly terrifying. With stories stretching from touching zombie tales, to apocalyptic time travel, there is certainly something for everyone.

Michael has a great ability to extract emotional responses from the reader.

Taking one of my favorites - Times of Trouble - the reader is led on an emotional, not long, but complex, story, which reminds me of the classic story "-All You Zombies-" by Robert A. Heinlein. The actual concepts presented in the piece are not the focus. Yes it is a time travel story. But more importantly - like much of the writing in the collection - Michael's focus is people.

You don't learn about time travel, you learn about people dealing with things far beyond the need for your own comprehension. You don't experience a zombie apocalypse, you experience people fighting for their lives against an unstoppable foe.

Michael writes people.

People you like. People like you.

If you want a great read on the fly - and for a mere .99c - at Amazon US, or for .77p at Amazon UK.

But you could go all out and get it on paperback, hey, it's still a bargain!


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