Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Self Publishing: Premade Covers

So, the cover. They say in cheffing that the first bite is with the eye.The same is true for a book.

The self published author must decide on how to go about the cover of their book. It is complicated.

I have decided that there are three primary routes to consider:

You can: do it yourself, purchase a pre-designed cover, hire a designer/artist.

So I'll start today with...

Buying a Premade Cover

I didn't know anything about this until I was looking at covers for myself. I thought there were only the two options. Little did I know that I could buy a cover off the shelf. You just pick it, tell them the title of the book and the author's byline and bam! Book cover.

To be honest, they look good, too. And they're not that expensive.

So what are the downsides?

Artistic license.

You have none. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Hell, you can't even most of them what font you'd like. You get what it says on the box. Which is pretty good, unless you have some creative ideas of you're own. If you do, this is the end of the line. Of course, this can be changed but a financial transaction, but then you've shifted into hiring a designer turf.


For genre, depending on where you are will depend on the choice you get. For example, Romance premade book covers are copious, roll in generally between $20 and $40 and feature couple/man/woman material. Seems reasonable. Horror... er... yeah. The horror covers that I've looked at are fairly generic (haunted house type) and too be honest stay safely away from anything that could be considered 'edgy'. So, yeah, it depends what you need.


No. You don't get any. Well, not guaranteed... without, yes, you guessed it, a financial transaction.

Here is a site that sells premade covers (typical off the shelf stuff) see what you think. (I am not affiliated with the site in anyway, and do not endorse their work - it was just one of many I looked at)

Anyway, next time, more covers...

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