Sunday, 17 February 2013

Being an Author: Or Not


I had a vacation / holiday / week off / leave me alone.

I've had a week (10 days ish) and I didn't write. I didn't do anything. Except be me. Have fun.

So now I'm behind. I've got work built up. The work I should have been critiquing has has laid unread; The novels unfinished; The serial dormant.

Was it worth it?

Hell, yeah!

I don't often take a break from the written word - at least, not a week. I didn't just ignore the page either. My social network, and this, my blog, went untouched. Sorry about that (lie).

Again... so worth it.

So now, I reflect on the whole writer thing, when I'm not writing. Did I miss it...? Yeah. Of course. It's part of me. Did I spend the week plotting and planning in my head....? Not so much. Of course I thought about it... it's part of me after all... but I didn't dwell. I didn't 'think about' it. It just... crossed my mind.

So what did I learn?

Ice Cream is Cool. (literally)

I went to the Haagen Daz ice-cream-bar-restaurant-thing at the BlueWater mall. I took my lady. That makes it okay for me to enjoy, right? (Shut up, you at the back). I've never had professional ice cream before. I'm guessing it's like other professional services (no, seriously, shut up, dude... stop giggling) ... it was like a party in my mouth.

People. You have to enjoy professional ice cream AT LEAST ONCE IN YOUR LIVES.

Proper Dining is for Proper Dress.

We went to a restaurant, you know, posh like. I suited up, she looked STUNNING. Anyway, there were other people there who had, shall we say, not taken the time to try. I thought it was a shame. I mean, this was a nice place, it was a special day. Hey, take the time.

If They Don't Have Merlot, Choose Temperillo (tempranillo?).

Whatever. The lady will know. It's a good second. Trust me. Her. Yeah.

If you go to a waxworks and they have Hitler, take a picture and reference it as often as possible.

So what am I saying?

Take the time. Be more than just a writer. Being an Author is cool. Really cool. Really awesome. But be more than it, more than that. It might make you a better writer, it might not. 

Who cares. 

It's fun.

Go to see the aminals. Meercats are cute. The fictional character Sherlock Holmes has his own museum (wonderously), go and look.

Sometimes, just sometimes, dump the writing and be a person. Smile.

And maybe sometime in the future I'll start doing posts about restaurants and stuff, you know, to mix it up.

... wait... 

... when did this become a food blog? 


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