Friday, 8 February 2013

Dark Dwellings: A Review.

From the clearly twisted mind of Dale Eldon, with more disturbing sinister goodness than Clive Barker, I give you...

Dark Dwellings

Dale Eldon: Dark Dwellings

As many of you know, I am all about the horror. I like it in all flavors, from books to music (yes, horror music), film to play. I also like it in all strengths, from, say the Goonies, to French shockers, like Inside, and over to the Spanish for the delightfully surreal Six Films to Keep You Awake. So yeah, horror.

This short is shocking. It got to me.

And defines Dale Eldon as one of the upcoming horror writers to watch.

I, a) couldn't put it down, and b) didn't feel like sleeping after.

I read a lot of indie authors, hey, I've promised to only review indie work this year, and I have a lot of good to say about their work (I guess I've just been lucky), but sometimes I come across work that makes me want to seek out more of their work.

And this did that. So, what's it all about?

The cover didn't give it away?

Actually, no. Whatever judgement you make on the cover doesn't say (couldn't say) what's inside...

The Freak Show is in town, and one of the freaks is hungry. 

Dark Dwellings is no ordinary Freak Show tale, there's no jokes at the bearded lady here. This is real Freak Show stuff, where the freaks are as afraid of each other as we are. And we should be afraid.

Gummy, tormented for his clownish appearance is one such freak. The only thing is, Gummy has a taste for flesh. He faces off against Aaron in the new home of the show, an abandoned warehouse, climaxing in one shock ending.

Delightfully claustrophobic, Dark Dwellings seemed to nip at my most primordial fears. They say you are born only with a fear of falling and loud noises, and that every other fear is learned.

Teach your children about Dark Dwellings, for they should fear it.

Actually don't. This is not for young eyes.

If you want to read something that will stay with you, read this. It is scary (I don't say that lightly), squicky and icky for the gore hounds (but not too much), and atmospheric to the eyeballs.

I felt like I was in the dark,

and there was something there with me...

Go and buy this book on Smashwords, here. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Dale Eldon creates the macabre. You can find his blog here, his horror page here, and his author page here.


  1. Fantastic review! I've been a fan of Dale's work for a while now -- great to see him getting some well-deserved buzz!