Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hall of Twelve: A Review

Continuing the year of self publishing, we bring you, "Hall of Twelve", by the talented Rebecca Besser...

Hall of Twelve: Rebecca Besser
Hm. I suppose I should open with a synopsis thingy (spoiler free, of course). Never easy, with a short.

Hall of Twelve is about the end, I suppose. Beings who are far superior to the human race judging us. It is the tale of a man there. He has nothing to lose... other than roll the dice.

In the style of Rebecca Besser (which I have yet to decide, although she can be a bit 'Richard Laymon' at times) Hall of Twelve works. It gives you enough bleak grimness to see the future - this future - and believe that it is real.

If you've read the amazing 'Earths End' - edited by Rebecca, and including one of her shorts - you'll know what I mean.

Technically the story is edited excellently, formatted well, and is a professional book. It delivers what is says on the box. But I've come to expect nothing less from Rebecca Besser.

So that leaves only the story. Does that hold up?

The grimness of a tale like this is one of the major factors for me. I need 'end of the world fiction' to read like 'The Road'. It's the only thing that makes it real. Whilst this is a short, the grim factor is there.

I will say that the opening grim is skimmed over a little. Perhaps this is best, based on the outcome of the story, perhaps not, that is a decision of the author, and not for me to say. I just felt that the emotional roller coaster of the protagonist was a little under done.

Then it turns into Hollywood awesome.

After the emotional opening we see horror, action, thriller... the story takes off, and culminates in a newness. I don't look for much in my horror, but if you're gonna do it: go new.

It has a payoff that works, a story that grips, likable characters...

What more do you want?

You can get it on Amazon US and Amazon UK. Go. Be afraid.

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