Tuesday, 19 February 2013

When Graveyards Yawn: A Review

So I walk into an online bookshop and there's this book...

When Graveyards Yawn: G. Wells Taylor
I knew not of what to expect. I didn't research it. I didn't even pay that much attention to the cover. The name suggested horror, the cover... detective noir perhaps...?

So what has G. Wells Taylor created?

Well, something quite awesome actually.

I know nothing of the author, and as I have only just finished reading this, I haven't looked further yet, except I know that there are more. So what's it all about?

The book opens with no explanation. It is now... or perhaps the future... or even the past. But it's different. Hard to explain, but the book focuses on a ghost - who has no appreciable memory - who has the ability to accost the body of a private investigator at near will, who wears clown makeup.

And then it hits you. It's cross genre, horror/noir/bizarro.

The story follows a noir plot in a post 'event' future where people can't die as such. So yeah, zombies. And detectives.

Again, I'll use the word... yeah.

Without touching on plot too much (as always, no spoilers here) the book follows the detective, Wildclown, (a most disagreeable, drunk, bummed out, depressed - and yet some what likeable - clown painted investigator), his sidekick, Elmo, and the ghost who appears to be ethereally attached to the clown. They, for lack of a better term, go on adventures and shit, and detect things.

The book has one big over arcing story, entwined with many smaller ones, and Wildclown seems to stagger drunkly from one plot point to another.

The thing is though, none of it comes across as contrived. There are no coincidences.

G. Wells Taylor can write a tale. It twists. It turns. You don't see it coming.

He has built a world which you can see - no, feel - and characters that you believe. The most unlikeable are likeable, and you end up trusting no one.

Yes, this is strange stuff. It's also extremely entertaining... if you're into this sort of thing.

A little squicky at times, a twisting story that is followable, 'When Graveyards Yawn' is one hell of a tale.

Oh, did I mention that it's also free on Smashwords?

Go get it: When Graveyards Yawn.

If you like it, do the dude a favor. Buy the next one.

I'm gonna.

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