Friday, 15 March 2013

Hall of Twelve: Free Weekend Giveaway!

Rebecca Besser originally wrote Hall of Twelve as a flash fiction story (1000 words or less) for a contest on the Collaboration of the Dead forum. Although she didn’t win, she and a few others were in love with the concept of the story – beings for an alternate realm that had flesh craving monster pets. These Beings captured those who didn’t serve as immediate meals for the pets and took them to the Hall of Twelve, where each captive was given the chance to win their freedom by a roll of dice.
This version – the short story version – is much expanded past the original one that didn’t even reach 1K, and she plans to expand Hall of Twelve into a full length novel sometime in the future.
The short story in ebook form usually sells on Kindle for $.99, but she has decided to give Hall of Twelve away for free March 15-17th (2013) so you can “taste” her brand of horror. I hope you enjoy the story and look up more of her writing. You can find out more about Rebecca Besser by visiting her website: or by searching her name on Amazon to find more of her work. (She recently released a novel entitled, “Nurse Blood,” for Kindle.)
To “wet” your appetite for Hall of Twelve, enjoy this brief excerpt!
Excerpt from Hall of Twelve by Rebecca Besser:

Lying on the bottom step was his daughter’s tennis shoe with a bloody bone protruding out of it, pointing into the corner. Blood dripped from the leg to the step and onto the tile of the foyer; strips of muscle and skin hung loosely from the bone, slouching limply against the red, saturated carpet.
Jack bent over as he lost the contents of his stomach, adding color and acidity to the already wet floor. He fell to his knees, and that’s when he saw Regan’s head; it was sitting in the potted fern by the door.
Her eyes were gone, leaving dark hollows where the windows to her soul had once been, and all the flesh was missing from her face. Her cheekbones were still pinkish red from the blood that was trickling down over her small, exposed white teeth to drip into the dark soil beneath her jawbone, which hung at a drunken angle.
Slowly, he crawled over to her, envisioning her beautiful face and her bright smile. Held in his vision of the girl he loved so much, he lifted his hand to caress her hair, but when his hand came in contact with slick, rough skull, he knew the carnage was indeed reality. He cupped the head of his daughter in his hand and drew it close into the crook of his arm – his mind and body were numb with shock and grief.
Jack’s hand absently caressed the top of the bloody skull and his fingers became entangled in the few scraps of scalp and clinging hair that still remained on the bone. With disgust he shook them off, and as they landed in the blood and vomit mixture with a plop, he noticed for the first time that there was a hole in the back and the brains were missing. Around the hole were deep groves that looked like they’d been made with something long and sharp. The only thing his brain could come up with was tooth marks, but he couldn’t think of anything that large with teeth that big. Now curious, he looked over at the leg bone laying a few feet from him; he could clearly see similar grooves on it.
Suddenly, his brain cleared a bit and he remembered his wife. He’d been so shocked at finding the severed pieces of his daughter, he’d forgotten all about her.
“Maggie,” he whispered, and looked around frantically, but he didn’t see any of her laying in the entrance way of their home.

(Also available on other Amazon sites. Look up your local one to get it there.)

Friday, 8 March 2013

Being an Author: On Writing...

Writing. It's a funny old game.With all the advice that we get (and some of us give), can we say that there are hard and fast rules on writing?

Write Every Day

Yes. Well. No, actually. I do something writery everyday. Sometimes though, it's not actually writing, per say. These days I'm tied up with so many different projects (from cover art, promotional materials, trailers, serials, editing, collabs, novels and shorts, blogs (yes, multiple - more on that another day)) that much as I would love to write every day, I simply just can't. 

I know my time limitations and I work with them, not against them, as I dearly love to actually write, but on some days I do have to edit this piece, and sacrifice the words.

Enjoy it

Firm yes. I know that editing is troublesome to some etc. but the written word - your written word - must be fun. You must like to do it. Sure, you can do it just for the money (or a thousand other reasons), but your narrative will suffer.

I always have fun with my characters. I may not like them, but I enjoy them. When they're no fun anymore, they don't stick around (hence why I'm so big on the culling). 

Writing is the same. If you don't enjoy it, it's time to try something else - a different genre, style, or hey, maybe go play video games for a while. 

Read for fun

Just do it. I read for fun everyday. You have to. I know the rule is reading will make you a better writer, but damn it, just pick up a book to enjoy sometimes. That's what they were written for.

Finish something

Right now I'm a little guilty of this. I've got a lot on the plate, and nothing seems to be taking wild priority. But finish something. Even if it sucks donkey balls. I've got a pile half-arsed shorts, half-arsed started. They're not what I'm talking about. I think we are all guilty of writing a couple of hundred words and then going, "Nah. Load of ol' bollocks."

I'm talking about giving up on a short that you were aiming to hit around 4K with, and then stopping at 3K because oh I don't know, the tide went out.

'Til next time...

Monday, 4 March 2013

Self Publishing: More Cover Work...?


Never heard of it?

Well, I've never used it, I'm not endorsing it in any way, nor dissing it either. I'm just... bringing it to your attention.

So what is it?

Fiverr is a website that puts you in touch with people that sell services for $5. (No, not those sorts of services. Besides, for $5? Yek!) It does offer all sorts of services from the strange and bizarre (have anything you like written on a piece of card and I'll hold it in one hand, and a bunny in the other) to things like, oh, I don't know EBOOK COVERS.

Here's the link to the ebook bit.

Generally, for cover design, the gig appears to be, send me your picture and text and I'll put it together for you. So if you know what you want, but don't have the technical ability, then this might just be the place for you.

For $5 you buy the expertise, not the images, etc.

This is good, a) if you know what you want, and b) understand the legal blah blah on stock images etc.

But be warned. Some of the service providers don't allow you to go back and say, "Hey, can you just..." whilst others will offer you a choice of 4, and you can pick.

Just sayin'.

Oh, and one other thing...

Let's just take this moment to reflect on ebook only covers. Think for a moment - just quickly - about the size of the image. I know, when you look at it on screen, it's fecking awesome, right?

Now go and look at Amazon. Go on, I'll wait.

Your book cover, on it's own Amazon sales page, isn't very big, is it?

Does it still impact?

Can you still read the text?

And worse... at the bottom of the page, there is the other customers who bought this also bought...links. OMG. They're even smaller.

And inch by an inch and a half.

I can't read hardly any of them. I don't know what the pictures are of.

I'm not going to click on any of them.

Think about it.

I'll be back...