Thursday, 6 June 2013

Genre! Genre! Genre!

I'm genre jumping.

All over the place.
This is what Google Images gives me for Genre Bending.
Don't ask.

I'm writing vampires! Serial killers! Beasts from Hell! Angels! People on Safari! (what?) Bouncers of sex clubs! Mob bosses!

And, well shucks, when they're not killing each other, flying free through the cosmos, or zipping 'twixt dimensions, by gosh, they're fuckin' each other.

Yeah, I know what you were looking for...

Most of my published shorts are horror. My first solo novel is horror/thriller. My collab novel with Charles Day, horror. My series of novellas, horror/comedy/romance (comorrance?). My second novel (currently in the pipeline), comorrance/bizarro (bi-comorrance?).

So my question is this:

Should it be done?

Clue: The answer is, HELL YES!

Growing as an author is kinda important. What you may lack in world-building at one point in your career, you will make up for at some point. And without growth, there is no improvement. And without improvement there is no... well, improvement. And we all like to get better at things, don't we?

I can say that my writing is changing. I've just written 15K without killing anyone. On 'camera' as it were. And anyone that has read my shorts know that's a feat for me.

See, I kill people every, oh, 30 or 40 words usually.

I'm writing people that like each other. People that care. People with personalities. (Not just mutilation fodder). I have started building worlds.

I am growing.

I'm sure the origin of this was poetic, something about growth.
Yet I just see irony. Sweet, sweet, irony.

And I can't grow staying in one genre.

And on another note, just because I felt it was time to say it:

Thing is, and I'm sure some of you are thinking this, is what makes me qualified to say this? When did I last publish? What makes me right? And you are quite right to say that. Where's the evidence?

(Apart from 1: Trust me, or 2: Shut up it's my blog.) 

I've made changes to the way I write over the last couple of years. I was prolifically writing shorts and flash. Most of my time for that has fallen away to novels. The first novel was a slog. The collab was easier, but still hard, but the third seems to be spewing over the page with relative ease (at least, compared). I have even managed to start working on a few (only a few) shorts.

Trying to get back on the horse.

Consequently I intend to put some other posts here as well as this here writing advice. You know.

Genre Jump.

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