Friday, 14 June 2013


Yesterday I wrote. Today I am a writer.

Writers: Go back and read what you have written, discarded and forgotten.

"Sucking in the smoky goodness, he reached around and gingerly felt the bullet wound." ~ Smoky goodness? Really? 

I have been working on a polish job on one of the first pieces I ever wrote. It is a short, a mere 2K, and, to be honest, isn't too bad.

One of the first works I ever submitted, I was short listed (much to my panda loving creamy delight) but beaten out by the competition in the final round.

I was naive.

"My name, Mr. Jingle, is Fourhorse." ~ Subtle.

I tossed the story aside, placed it in a folder that I would not look at again and dismissed it. It had been rejected, therefore it has no merit.

Then, when reminiscing, I stumbled on it, read it, and to my shock and horror it is actually pretty damn good. I mean, not 'publishable' good, but it held what I struggle with days (especially with novel writing) it was fresh. I always try to keep my work fresh of course - but that is fresh to the reader - this was fresh to me.

It poked me in a way that I had not felt since...

Lolz the dark side.

Anyway. Enough spurious references. So I'm tinkering with it. I'm applying experience.

" the stranger danced and pirouetted between the Security Detail that was trying to contain him..." ~ Apparently my hero needs to be skilled in ballet.

So. Back then I numbered my short stories. This is numbered 5. The fifth story I wrote after I decided to write. So the experience I am applying is countless more shorts, I've edited others, I've got novels under my belt.

So what did it need?

It needed polish that only my experience can give. Removal of repetition. Flourishes of style. (Stop laughing at the back!)

Rinse and repeat.
Eventually - and it didn't take much - I ended with a pretty damn reasonable story.

One that was now 'publishable' good.

So the moral of this post - if there is one - is never throw it away. Never say never. Delve into your box of crusty oldness and read. You might find something in there just waiting to be discovered...

Did I just quote Justin Beiber?


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