Thursday, 4 July 2013


Yep. It's here.

You'll weep. You'll laugh. You'll gasp in excitement.

Book 1 of The Devil's Hand is now available. Want to know more...?

Angela works at restoring the latest acquisition to the library.  The piece will no doubt garnish some interest from local dealers, and of course, turn a huge profit. She iss very good at her job, and she knows it. It is just a shame that her personal life was still such a shambles.
But the entrance of Mr. Marcel Petiot - a man who not only wants to help her make a profit, but also sweep her off her feet - changes everything. Permanently. 

Neither of them saw Darin in the shadows.

Angela certainly never saw Hell coming to earth.

When Marcel and Darin clash, Angela is dragged through the sulfur stench of Hades, has to fight for her life, and drinks wine. Lots of wine.

The Devil's Hand series is made of five short novella's, each telling it's own story, with a arcing story in the background. One that could end the world...

Available as an e-book from Amazon and Smashwords, CROSSING GUARD span dimensions and genre, taking you to Hell and back, with Dark Fantasy, Humor, and even a little romance.

And it's only 99c! Not even the cost of a cup of coffee!!

Buy now! From Smashwords, Amazon US, or Amazon UK!