Friday, 19 July 2013

Review Week - The Fruit of Thy Womb by Lori R Lopez

Lori R.Lopez writes differently. With a social message not so subtly hidden in the background, and flies with teeth, the light-yet-dark tale of THE FRUIT OF THY WOMB will without doubt keep you reading...

One of the themes of this story is to not wait for the world to be ending to start living. It's hot, and it's going to get a lot hotter when humans mutate into cannibalistic corpses. But that's not all; bugs are everywhere. In fact, bugs could be to blame in this worst-case scenario that may seem a bit close for comfort! Strap on your gas-mask while the pesticide flows. They're coming. Watch your back . . . and your front. Watch everything! 

Never have I been so torn by genre. So with the zombies and such, is it horror? Well, yes. But it's more than that. The beginning of the short gives us a confused protagonist, in a (not too distant) future.

It's hot.

It's clear that we have screwed up the environment. And the social commentary begins there. There are insects. Life is not pleasant as we know it. (The cover may have given away the zombie thing.)

The thing is, at no point does it feel like a horror story, and yet when ever you stop reading the horror sinks in. Perhaps I was more afraid of this future, than what Lopez puts in it.

Or maybe that was the point.

You should read this. It worthy of your investment to enjoy the read, but perhaps once you have read it, you might want to talk about it. It's implications.

And it's free. So go. Try. Enjoy. And let the fear of the future sink in....

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  1. Thank you, Mark! I am glad you got the message and found some horror in it as well, ha ha. :D