Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Review Week - Only Forgotten by Chantal Noordeloos


I feel as fair warning that I should say that this tale tells of things that even the hardest of horror fanatic may shy away from...

..and it does it deliciously.

Zakerny was a bad man. As in truly, maliciously evil. Zakerny went to hell, obviously. But hell may not be what Zakerny thought all along. This is his tale...

I took a stab and guessed that this was going to be a horror. I was right. Very right.

Chantal Noordeloos is a relatively new author to me. I admit that this is the first story of hers I have reviewed. I didn't know she is a female freakin' Clive Barker.

I like horror (d'oh!) and ONLY FORGOTTEN is awesome. This is the writing that nightmares are bound with...Maybe even the nightmares of cenobites.

Taking us through a twisted flavor of Hell, introducing us to Lucifer, Noordeloos made my flesh crawl in the right places, made me want to smile in the wrong places, and the sheer style of the work made me hate myself for doing it.

This work should be read. It should be shared. But heed my words. It's not for children.

This work is new. It's fresh. Noordeloos shows here her amazing knack of making the reader relate to the wrong people. It made me uncomfortable in my chair. It's unusual.

It's creepy.

And it's free.

Get it at Smashwords. Get it now....

...And don't blame me for the nightmares...

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