Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Containment: A Review.

With a sweeping post apocalyptic background, Containment gives you monsters, demons and devils.

“Life is different among the dead.” 

They are kept in chambers, their energy used to feed the City’s voracious appetite for fuel now that traditional sources are long gone. These grisly fuel cells are kept watch over by Feast, a devil-human hybrid whose recent run-ins with the City leave him questioning its authority. 

When he is needed to bring in one of the most dangerous creatures for containment, Feast is faced with a decision that may make him the next power source.

Containment is different. You would expect me, reading devils, demons and monsters, to say this is a cracking horror. Nope. 

It can be creepy, yes, but this is no horror. Containment is a fantasy, set in a world with an over-powering government and power sourced from the dead. Yes, the dead. 

Eden Royce has a wonderful way with words, warm and charming, yet the sadistic overtones of a broken down society creep through in a chilling way. 

The story is of Feast, I won't go into who he is - that would spoil the fun - who works at the Containment Division, his friend and co-worker, a new addition to the 'farm' and a line up of unforgettable characters. 

The future is a scary place.

For me, the draw to Containment is the characters. It is a true character piece where everybody holds a dark secret.

If you like awesomely written dystopian fiction with a chill then go and grab this with both hands.

Containment is available at Amazon US Here and Amazon UK here.


  1. Thanks for the fantastic review, Mark! It's much appreciated!

  2. This is a kick ass review, gonna snag it and post it to my facebook!