Friday, 23 August 2013

Cover Reveal: Shutter Speed.

My debut novel, Shutter Speed, has been picked up by Nocturnal Press Publications and is hitting the bookshelves on 19th December.


Jimmy Tasker is an ordinary child. He loves to take pictures: has an eye for it. When some common bullies take things too far, Jimmy ends up burned… and different. It started when his father was killed in a mysterious house fire. Him and his mother moved away… changed names… disappeared.

Some years later a group of friends are finding it tough. They are unemployed, short of cash, and one of them comes up with a great idea. A robbery. But they are a rag-tag bunch, and Steve declines, leaving the other three, a misogynist, an addict, and poor, easily led Peter, to pull off the ‘robbery of the century’.

But Jimmy is still in there, somewhere…

… and he’s killing for fun. 

And here it is:

Ain't it sweet?