Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Interview: Louisa Mullerworth

Today we have Louisa Mullerworth in the interview seat, author of the forth coming novel Dying to Help.

FW: Firstly, could you tell a little about yourself? 

LM: Well, where to start? I am a published author, and Marketing Advisor. I am very much a family oriented person and love my work because it gives me the freedom to work from home; giving me a perfect Work/Life balance. I always knew this was what I was going to do, don’t ask me why, it was just always on the cards. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write and I spent most of my childhood surrounded by the ‘Sales world’ for better or worse.

FW: Tell us about 'Mistol; A New Beginning'. 

LM: Ahh yes, Mistol was written in 2010 and published in 2011 for a family who tragically lost their daughter (Bannesa Rose Ayers) only days before she turned eighteen. Bannesa had written the original script and her mother had approached me asking if I would re-write and edit it getting a few copies done for the family. I self edited and got a package from a ‘publishing house’ which I don’t think did it justice looking back so in the near future ‘Mistol; A New Beginning’ will be re-released with Nocturnal Press along with the two follow on books which are yet to be written. It is a story about a young girl and her friend who find out about a world that exists within our own. It is filled with mystical and wonderful beings but it is in trouble. And it is down to the young girl and her friend to help bring the world back from destruction. It is Lion, the Witch, And the Wardrobe meets Harry Potter. I loved writing it but it was very difficult as I was working on someone else story.

FW: And what about the forth coming, ‘Dying To Help’? 

LM: Another interesting story behind the story, I started this when I was fifteen... A decade ago now (wow I managed to make myself feel old!) I started the first draft when I was in college hand written and was rarely found without it. The story got its name through a quote from the original draft. In an altercation with ‘The Host’ (the leading opposition) my lead is asked “Oh you are just dying to help aren’t you?” From that point on it stuck. What tips can you give new writers? Never stop honing your talent, and never stop believing you
can do it! There are so many people out there willing to tell you it is a ‘pipe dream’. Well you may not get famous, but that isn’t the true goal; if you work hard enough and long enough it is possible to get published by a legit publisher and get your book out there!

FW: When writing, music or silence? 

LM: Music all the way, when you watch a film it will rarely have the same depth and intrigue without music (one exception that springs to mind is ‘Clover Field’. For me I find I write with more detail and depth when there is music in the room. But it has to be the right music.

FW: At home, or in a coffee shop? 

LM: At home, far less distracting and in a coffee shop I feel like I am on display, what am I trying to prove? For me personally I feel as though writing in a coffee shop (unless I have nowhere else to write) feels like I am trying to prove I am working... An accountant doesn’t sit in a coffee shop and ‘crunch numbers’. It could just be me.

FW: Who is your biggest influence, and why? 

LM: Matthew Riley, Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper. I grew up on Matthew Riley’s book ‘Contest’, I still own a very battered, very dog-eared copy of it. I adore it! Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper where two of the lead writers on StarGate Universe; a superb Sci-Fi program that some love, and others hate. (The best kind by any standard!)

FW: What is in the future for you?

LM: A wonderful life as a working wife; a thriving career as an Author and Marketing Advisor for Authors, as well as lots of good health and very happy and healthy marriage. This is all I want from life.

FW: Anything else you’d like to add?

LM: To get in touch you can find me at the following;

Facebook; www.facebook.com/AuthorLouisaMullerworth
Twitter; @babymull
Blog; http://babymull.wordpress.com/
Nocturnal Press (Marketing Advisor); http://www.npuniverse.com/publishing-services/our-marketing-advisor-louisa-mullerworth/
Nocturnal Press (Author); http://www.npuniverse.com/authors/louisa-mullerworth/
Website; http://lmullerworth.wix.com/louisamullerworth
Email; l.mullerworth@gmail.com

FW: Thanks for coming in.

About the Author

Louisa Mullerworth is an author of Science Fiction/Fantasy. Look out for her Nocturnal Press debut: Dying To Help, which Light Shifts into bookstores worldwide June 2014.
Louisa Mullerworth has been a writer for as long as she can remember; from writing poetry as a young girl to short stories as a teenager. Through college she was rarely found without a folder containing a story she was working on and in 2010 she published for the first time with Mistol; A New Beginning.
It was something Louisa knew from a young age she would be doing and with one book under her belt Louisa wants nothing more than to go onwards and upwards with a second one due to be complete in 2014, a new series of books in her favourite genre ‘Sci Fi’.
But right now she is enjoying this new step in her career; finding a publisher that fitted her, and enjoying life as it comes as well as working on the first in the new series.

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