Friday, 13 December 2013

Interview: Shane S Almond

Today we welcome Shane S Almond, author of The Last Child of Asgard; Delta.

FW: Firstly, could you tell a little about yourself?

SA: Ok, my name is Shane S. Almond, my middle name is Stephen, only people who know me, know that. I am an author of YA Fantasy/Mythology and I am also the Founder and Owner of a publishing house called Nocturnal Press Publications. 

FW: Tell us about The Last Child of Asgard; Delta.

SA: It’s been quoted as being “Harry Potter meets Percy Jackson” and that has stuck really. It’s about a boy called Maximus Turner and he discovers that he is a two-tone god, but he also discovers that because of this, he has a lot of enemies and Delta really, is a way of Max honing his skill and finding his feet, because let’s face it, the hard work is yet come.  

FW: What’s it like running a press and being an author? 

SA: It’s hectic to say the least, but I love every second of it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

FW: What tips can you give new writers?

SA: Never give up! In life if you want something enough then you will make it happen, but you need to make it happen! Also no matter how long it takes, keep at it. Delta in total has taken me 11 years to get right. *laughs, so if it takes a couple of weeks or a couple of years it really doesn’t matter. 

FW: Where do you see yourself going, writing, or publishing?

SA: There are two more books in The Last Child of Asgard series, then I am looking into doing a few Olympus Origins books and as a publisher, I plan on continuing to make this fantastic company with all the amazing people in it, grow and evolve.  

FW: Who is your biggest influence, and why? 

SA: As a writer, I would have to start with the author that got me reading in the first place, J.R. Tolkien.
I also come from a music loving background so I draw a lot of inspiration to a lot of artists such as Michael Jackson, Eminem etc...  

FW: What new works do you have on the go? 

SA: I am halfway through book two in The Last Child of Asgard trilogy called Loki and I am looking to release that next August.  

FW: Anything else you’d like to add? 

SA: You can find me and Nocturnal Press at
and twitter @nocturnalpress

FW: Thanks for coming in.

About the Author

Shane S. Almond was born at Whipps Cross Hospital, London on Saturday 26th July 1986.

Shane is a young inspiring fantasy novelist who started writing at the tender age of thirteen. At fifteen he started to consider himself as an author and strived to develop his writing skills. Shane has always had a passion for Mythology, he spent his childhood years reading the legends of Hercules, Perseus and Jason and the Argonauts, and always wanted to create his own legends and that was when Maximus Turner was born.

Then he researched other mythologies and started to incorporate the Norse legends into his novel.

On May 8th 2012, his debut novel was completed, but it had to be called back for a re-edit.

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