Wednesday, 23 July 2014

OMG! A blog post!

I am splurging words onto the page. I have two novels on the go. One has just come out. A collection of short stories is pending a release (perhaps three weeks from now.)

Recently released "Redemption" from myself and fellow author Charles Day has just been released from Black Bed Sheet Books. It was a hard task master, but we got there in the end.

Coming soon is "Small Cuts to the Psyche", a collection of previously published short work, culminating in nearly three hundred pages of tales.

I have another collection of shorts that I am about to start looking for a publishing house for, I have had some luck with anthologies recently...

...I'm busy.

And yes, it is this:

So. Focus.

It's very easy to not have time to write, to read, to work. I know. I understand. I have commitments outside of writing, much the same as many of you.

But if you focus on attaining goals they are achievable.

I have found the simplest solution for me is to make an hour. I call it work. Tell people I am working.

"What time can I come around?"
"After 7, I'll be working until then."

It mindsets me.

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