Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My Journey of Many Halves 3: Enough Parts Out to Call it a Series, and Turning One Thing into Another

The Devil's Hand Part 2: Conviction, written and ready.

This time I decided to pick up the ball and run with it on my own. I edited my own work. I formatted my own work. I created my own cover (bit shit).

I released it: same price as the first one. Then I needed to drop the price of Crossing Guard to free.

Lesson 4: Amazon will not charge what you want it to. Unsurprisingly, Amazon, being a company, want to make money. So I've decided as a marketing ploy to make my book free. Hold on. That doesn't work for them. I mean, if I have a shop, do I want to give products away for free? No. Obviously.

So Crossing Guard was free on Smashwords, and Amazon was still charging. I tried the known tricks to get Amazon to drop the price. I had people report it as free and link to Smashwords. But no cigar.

Sales? Still damningly low.

Maybe The Hand wasn't as good as I thought? Hm.

Still I will strive.


Redemption, a novella collection I had written with author Charles Day came back from another Publisher. Same story each time. "We like it... but it would be better as a novel."

Okay. Two authors, 3000 miles apart. How hard can it be to meld a collection into a novel?


Turning a collection of your own work into a single work is hard. But trying to get multiple peoples work together, with multiple people involved is near impossible. Perhaps if it was to be novel from the start? Who knows.

It was hard on us. Not just as authors, but as friends.

But it got done. Finally, novel length work is complete. Charles starts the work on getting it out to Publishers. That was work off me, thankfully.

So I plow forward.

Finish the first draft of Shutter Speed.

And then the second.


Muck with it.

It is ready.

Tomorrow: Trying to find a publishing house for a debut novel and taking Traditional Publishing to a new level.


Jessica won’t stay dead. And when she comes for you, it’s already too late….

When old friends Al and Benny hit the town for their usual alcohol-fuelled binge, things go wrong when Al insists on driving home. All the while, young Jessica is cycling along their dangerous route home. When the three collide, Jessica is left for dead and the men hide the evidence.

But what happens when the dead don’t stay dead?

 Risen from beyond, driven by a vengeful rage and wielding an unnatural command over nature, Jessica leaves behind a relentless trail of suffering and destruction as she seeks out the two men responsible for the evil she became…. Redemption is supernatural horror at its finest and, just like Al and Benny, you won’t see the terror coming for you until it’s too late.

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