Friday, 14 November 2014

My Journey of Many Halves 5: Bringing it home...

So Shutter Speed is out. Redemption is out. The Hand parts 1 and 2 are out.

I'm currently writing two novels. At the same time.

Lesson 8: Don't write two novels at the same time. It might sound obvious, but I thought it would work. I could move between them. Keep my mind focussed. Oh dear God. No. Oh, and I was trying to write The Hand part 3: Celestials at the same time. Doesn't work. Not for me. Plots get confused. I was confused. I had no sense of achievement. As we speak, two projects shelved temporarily, one novel first draft, and I'm on act III.

So, I thought, The Hand. Why doesn't it sell? Well, the reason is that the cover looked like this:

Bit shit, yeah?

So I changed it. Both that and part 2.

It's amazing what happens to sales when you put a decent cover on a book.

But I know. Covers can be expensive. But here I am, reading and learning and understanding the legal side of stock images. Again: keeping costs down by doing it myself.

So, sales are on the up, I'm writing, I've got work in the bag. It's on shelves. But I sit and look at my back catalogue. I have a lot of back work, short stories, that I am now out of contract on. I sort of ignored them after they were published. So I started up the spreadsheet, did some math. I have 90K words of shorts that I have the rights to. So what do I do?

The choices three:
  1. I can submit them to open calls, much as I did the first time they were published, if they fit and the publishing house accepts re-prints.
  2. I can sit on them and do nothing.
  3. I can self-publish them in a single tome, as my collected works.
Remembering that I have the rights to the Human Condition back, I already have an anthology in my possession of previously unreleased work.

I decided not to try and have them re-printed in anthologies. I don't know why. It just felt...wrong? So using all my new skills, I re-edit the whole lot. I format. Cover art. I self publish. (Just done, in fact).

So, the future?

I'm here. Now.

The Human Condition was re-edited by Eden Royce and Rebecca Besser. Two of the best editors I know. It is sitting with a press, and I have my fingers crossed. I'm writing solidly. The future?

I'm writing a dark Sci-fi called "Trinity". It's by far the best work I have put out. Once it's done I'll try to find a publishing house for it. I have another novel half written, "Vampire Blue". More of my Hell Noir material. That one I might try and agent.  And of course, The Hand goes on.

The past?

Should I have made different decisions? Of course. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. But would I?


I have three novel length books out and another with hope. I'll have another in the bag by the end of the year, and another, hopefully, by April next. My journey has taught me. I have made friends in the struggle, and found love.

It is me.


Murder and madness, monsters and monstrosities, here within lies a collection of tales each too terrifying to be told alone.

Meetings in heaven, deals in hell, SMALL CUTS itch, but dare they be scratched?

From the acclaimed author of SHUTTER SPEED, REDEMPTION, and THE HUMAN CONDITION comes 27 stories of desire, hate, love and death.

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