Thursday, 21 May 2015

Why you're already a master.

Writing is hard. I seem to be starting a lot of posts like that lately. But it is. Amirite?

You see a lot of negative writing by writers, for writers, by people who use social media as a ranting outlet / soap box.

"You haven't got a book published."
"You don't know what you're talking about."
"You are a failure."

You go on social media to be told you're a failure. You are drowning in a sea of negativity. It starts with the do-gooders. Advice blogs, those sorts of things. Yeah. Things like this one.

If you don't write everyday you're not a writer, you're a loser. 

Well fuck you. Sometimes life does get in the way. You try to write everyday, writers try to write everyday. But we can't all write everyday.


You do, though. Yes, sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes Mad Max does. Age of Ultron. Holy shit, the sun's out for the first time this year. I'ma sit in the garden an have a beer. But you write, right? You have written.

Maintain a massive social media presence.

How? When? When I'm not writing? But you just said...?


Party on the web. Maintain social media. Have friends. Have colleagues. Be interested in things other than writing.


You've been there. You have a deadline. You do breathe writing for days. Sleep. Day job. Write. What did you feel like at the end? Relieved? Hell, yes. Pleased? Yep! Self-congratulatory? Absolutely. Bit like shit? Oh, God, yes. Exhausted? *whimper*

In order to write all the writes, there must be moments of not writing all the writes. Don't burnout.

Have an agent. Self publish. Small press. Whichever you choose, you're wrong.

What? Wait. No. But I'm. You're doing what is right for you. Look-y here at my post on European Geeks about publishing choices. It's your manuscript. Do what you want with it. There is no wrong.

Spam the internets with your work.

No. Don't. Facebook group after Facebook group with page after page of links to books. No one is looking at them. No one. Of course maintain the social media. Maintain an image. Don't be a spambot of self promotion. No one likes that.

And what does it all come down to?

Them telling you that you're not doing it right. You're wrong. You're a big poopy head. Listen to them. Listen to me. Pay them to do it for you. Don't learn to do it yourself. Learn to do it yourself.


You know what? Don't listen to them. Don't listen to me. Learn yourself. Find your own way.

You're already a writer, right? No. You're an author.

Author: the composer of a literary work. 

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