Monday, 29 June 2015

Review: Otherplace, by Donald White.

Why haven't more people read this? Why did it get a new cover? Answers to none of these questions below!!

As an aside completely, I love the original cover. So much. It captures the book perfectly. Have you seen Akira? Think Akira... the original cover sums up this novel perfectly. Sadly, I guess the powers that be decided it wasn't giving the right first impression, which granted, it may not have been.

So what is Otherplace?

I don't know. The characters don't seem to know. But it is of little consequence...

It's hard to say what Otherplace is about. It's about two young girls and a fight for survival. Seemingly trapping in Otherplace, they battle evil doctors and nurses (who are not what they seem), dragons and other, heartless, children, while helped by two telepathic stuffed animals.

Sound weird?

It is.

Part horror, part bizarro, Otherplace is a step apart from author Donald White's previous work. Did I say step apart? I mean step forward. It's better. Is it great? Perhaps. The story is well structured, and it is well written and edited. Its dream-like portrayal of the world is fascinating, and to be honest it's hard to put down.

The only notable distraction I can think to mention is the authors sudden inclination to call characters 'The Boy' or 'The Girl' instead of their given names. It's clearly an artistic choice, but it is certainly odd.

Otherplace is White's crowning achievement in story-telling (from what I have read so far), and I do hope that he revisits the genre and stylings of Otherplace, if not the place itself.

I will recommend it happily, and you can buy it on Amazon US here, Amazon UK here, or visit Donald's blog, here.

The other cover, you say?

Read it. It will all make sense.

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