Sunday, 28 June 2015

Review: Spook Lights, by Eden Royce

Southern charm, and elegant horror;

Spook Lights is a collection of southern gothic horror by writer Eden Royce. It has all of her trademarks as well: it's dark, brooding, and slow burn horror; sensual, gripping, and makes you want more...

Containing twelve "tales of terror" Spook Lights is a different type of horror. You won't find stories laden with gore here, oh no. These are stories that make you think. You'll see each scenario so clearly. Royce has a way with words. Her writing drips emotion and will drag you into each story different as they are. And each will leave you with a chill. Something to ponder long after you've finished reading.

I do feel I have to pick a couple of stories for shout out.

The Watered Soul

From the very beginning of the story you're sucked into the hot, sweltering, lust of Charleston, the smells, the people... it's mesmerizing. The characterization is strong and the story striking. You'd never guess the ending, and it shows a fantastic grasp of story telling.

Hand of Glory.

Yeah. This is one for me. It's short, sharp, has wit. A man arrested, the claustrophobia of the cell... the interrogator... a sleight story with a drawn breath of an ending.

If you like to be chilled, but aren't in it for the face-ripping, this collection is well worth a look.

You can get it on Amazon US here, Amazon UK here, and why not drop by on the authors website as well, here.

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