Thursday, 25 June 2015

Review: Undead Drive-Thru, by Rebecca Besser

This seemed an appropriate time for me to get off my ass and get back on track with completing my reviews. With Undead Regeneration emerging into the fray shortly, I give you the horror of the Undead Drive-Thru:

Author Rebecca Besser has been on my radar for some time. You'll have seen my reviews of her work here, and you'll see that I like it.

So it'll be no surprise that Undead Drive-Thru is no different.

Take a zombie story, and make it different. It's what Besser does.

Undead Drive-Thru is about a Drive-Thru (*coughs*, obviously) with a horrible secret, a secret that endangers the lives of all involved. I don't do spoilers here, but lest to say that getting a summer job here might mean more than a paycheck.

The work emotes a fear, and an intrepid-ness in the reader. When I read the title, I thought I could see what was coming. Boy, was I wrong. My expectation was wrong, the story didn't go where I thought it was going and I was glad. I was expecting more gore than I got, and that the story took it a different way was a pleasant surprise.

Besser brings an emotional lay to the story, one that is oft missing in indie horror, where the writer can lean on heavy blood-letting to emote fear, and giant monsters to make the reader recoil; things rarely go bump in the night, lest a chainsaw wielding maniac is about to rampage through the house. Undead Drive-Thru does not do that. It creeps up on you. Sits next to you. Then it bites you on the neck.

This is a story of people and perspective. It is not a story of gore, but it is one of fear. Suitable for a cross section of readers, I think, it should sate the desire for horror, but won't please the gore hounds.

Sadly, it is only a novella.

Guess I'll be buying the sequel when it comes.

You can buy it on Amazon US here, and Amazon UK here, and don't forget to check Rebecca's website also, here.


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