Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Released, at last: The Human Condition

After five years of waiting, The Human Condition sees the light of day...


[South East England, United Kingdom] – On July 1, 2015, Mark Taylor releases The Human Condition, a collection of short horror stories focused on the evil festering inside humankind.

These tales don’t use magic or the paranormal to reveal their dark side to the world, they unflinchingly show people being bastards to one another. Psychological tortures abound alongside the physical, and rip away the security you feel in being around your co-worker, your neighbor, your spouse…

Read about the lengths people will go to in order to achieve their goals and desires. Normality fades away as the true depravity of the human mind comes to light, dragging with it soul chilling deeds. Our tendencies as people are toward greed and selfishness, but we put those aside to co-exist with others. Or some of us do. Want to see a real monster? Look in the mirror…

The Human Condition was published on July 1 by Gnome on Pig Publications and will soon be available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle editions.


If you would like more information about The Human Condition or wish to schedule an interview with Mark, please email the author at


From Write what you know:

"All that night I laid on my couch, restless, waiting for the door to crash inwards as armed police raided my apartment. It never happened. The following morning it wasn’t on the news, it wasn’t in the paper…I seemed to have gotten away with it Scot-free. Throughout that night I had engorged on the memory of the woman’s face as she died before me. I now had a real insight—unlike my peers—into the real workings of horror. I had decided that I could now write…what I know.

As I sat in front of my computer the following day, I had started to write a brief summary of the events of the night before, just to keep the memory fresh in my head. As I typed, the look in the woman’s face kept staring back at me. It felt real…just as real as writing about the smell of coffee in the morning.

But something was missing. After I had typed the summary, the memory of the woman’s face had started to fade very quickly. It was as if by my very writings, I had removed the memory and burned it onto the paper. Damn. I couldn’t write about it if I couldn’t remember it.

All that risk, the planning, all that for a summary? It wasn’t fair. In my haste—with a rashness of thought—I decided that the only thing that I could do, was to do it again."


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