Tuesday, 18 August 2015

SALE: Small Cuts to the Psyche.

"This book will make you guess your mental state of sanity." ~ Amazon Review

For two weeks only, and to celebrate the forthcoming re-release of SHUTTER SPEED, the newly edited, revised edition of SMALL CUTS TO THE PSYCHE is only 99c / 99p!!

The Devil may be afoot in this latest release from author of the macabre, Mark Taylor
Herein you will find 27 stories of terror. Whether you long for the bloodlust of bizarre medical experimentation, the demons that live in the young, or the monsters in the night, Small Cuts will deliver in the most disturbing way.

From the acclaimed Alice in Monsterland, to the terror of Mirrors of Madness, each page turned will twist your senses, make you doubt yourself, wonder what that noise was...sleep with the lights on...

EXCERPT from Alice in Monsterland

Alice waited as the two left and she listened as they passed down the hall to the stairs. The third one went along the hall in the opposite direction and during a lull in the music she listened as a door opened. She slowly dropped the door handle and peered out through the smallest gap she could make as she opened the door. She could see the corridor was empty but not back towards the stairs. If one of the others were to return, she wouldn’t be able to see them.
She opened the door enough to slide her body out and into the hall. Both directions were empty, but she didn’t know where to go. The only reasonable option of escape was to return to the first floor and try to get out the back of the house—at least with all of the windows locked up here.
She turned and crept down the hall towards the stairs as quietly—and as quickly—as she could.
“Bitch.” The voice came from behind her.
She turned to face The Mummy.
“You hit Kevin with that?” He was about twelve feet away from her.
Alice made a split second decision. She launched herself toward The Mummy like she was in the hundred meter dash. Within two steps she had dropped the bat from her shoulder and held it like a battering ram. 
He didn’t have time to react. She thrust it as hard as she could into his lower stomach, her hand covering the end of the hilt as she did to help maintain the force. He doubled over instantly, and without sound—apart from a barely audible hrrr—but Alice lost her balance as well and thudded down on her knees to the carpet.
Shit…I bet they heard that.
She dragged herself up on the bat like it was a crutch and looked only for a second at the whimpering figure lying winded on the floor.
No time.
Alice raised the bat like a stake and brought it down on the back of The Mummy’s head, knocking him unconscious. It wasn’t as hard as she had hit Kevin and she hoped he wasn’t dead, but as she turned to make her exit—back into the room that Kevin was in—she noticed a small slick of blood start to appear beneath his lifeless head.
A small part of Alice no longer cared.
They were monsters.

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