Monday, 28 September 2015

Review: Sex, Marry, Kill

From Todd Travis, Sex, Marry, Kill is a rarity.

Plot wise, it's a little different. The blurb says it all:

"An online game that would change their lives and give them power over others. They could do anything they wanted, sleep with anyone they wanted to, kill anyone who got in their way. Their every fantasy fulfilled.

But at a mortal price. They soon discover that the game will consume and destroy them unless they find a way to stop it before it's too late."

So is it any good?

Yes. Yes it is. Okay, so firstly the cast of characters are made up by your common group of high school unpopular kids. The weirdos. They're surprisingly relatable, You really start to like them. One of them, Ed, couldn't be more like Bob's Burgers own Gene. He's all kinds of awesome.

There are twists, turns, as the group are torn apart with different wants and desires. It really is good.

Pulls at the heart strings more than once, as well.

It's got a cracking finale, action, and scares.

For a book aimed very much at adults though, the writing style is extremely simple. There's no pretentiousness to the writing. Its very easy to read, and very quick. No noticeable errors. Well edited. 

Over all, pretty much flawless.

You can buy it here:

Thursday, 24 September 2015

1 Effortless Way to Not be a Dick on Social Media

"It makes me angry" pretty much epitomizes half of social media use today. Okay. Fine. I get it. We all get angry over something, and somethings are worth getting angry over. Whether it is a hunter hunting for sport that you don't agree with, or Presidential candidacy, you're sure enough to have an opinion.

This poor stock image is now forever upon my blog representing internet dickery.

And your opinion is likely the same as others. You will have noticed what I like to call "the Herd Effect".

But I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about your opinion on someone asking a question.

Let's take a fictional situation. You're on Facebook. You're in a group called "Bloody Best Baking Support Group". A newbie to the group creates a post that asks, "When a recipe says eggs, what sort are they talking about? Chicken, duck, or ostrich?"

Now I think we can all agree that is a pretty easy question to answer.

So you go back to your own wall and post something along the lines of:

"Can you believe how stupid some people are? Some idiot just asked what sort of eggs you use in a recipe in a baking group. A BAKING GROUP!

I mean what a fucking stupid question. Have they even baked a cake?"

You know what?

You're a dick on social media.

So, you want to know the one effortless way to not be a dick on social media? 

Answer the question, or pass on by. You don't need to tell everyone what an intolerant dick you are. If you're an intolerant dick, everyone will work it out eventually, anyway. And if that type of post makes you angry, maybe seek help. At least, leave the group and crawl under a rock.

The internet is full of dicks. 

Don't be a dick.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Available for Pre-Order; Shutter Speed.

Now Available for Pre-Order

Burned, scarred, and left for dead, Jimmy Tasker is running from everyone.

The blaze changed him-changed the way his brain fires-and left someone else in his head with him. Someone who wants to kill for fun.

He changes his name, buries his past, starts a new life...and disappears.

Years later, four friends from the city are hard up. Steve needs work, Gil’s jumpy, Peter is struggling, and Cal’s an addict. So they plan a robbery. Steve backs out, but the other three go through with it and botch the job, resulting in the death of Lauren Westerbrook.

Ronan Westerbrook has a hidden pat. A love of photography...and a fondness for flame.

Ronan’s revenge for his wife’s death culminates in a bloodbath-and unleashes Jimmy, who was there all along, tormented by nightmares of atrocities he has no idea if he truly committed.

Steve is trying to build a respectable like, but now Jimmy has one last piece of unfinished business...the only witness who can identify him.

Winner of the Readers Favorite 5-star Choice Award (Sept. 15)

Order now from Amazon US: Here and Amazon UK: Here.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Review: Extraordinary

And it is...

I honestly didn't know what to expect from this short. It's good. A worthy read, but hard to describe.

A troubled young mother, a genetic disorder, a dystopian society. The rules are different, but the problems are the same. K.M. Herkes beautifully portrays a protagonist, beaten down and tired, yet happy and rounded.

The story circles people with extraordinary powers who are, unsurprisingly put upon within society, looked down on, yet who strive to do what's best. To be human.

We are introduced to another character, as sympathetic as the first, and then a tragic ending to the tale.

It's a short read, one that I did in one sitting.

It's solid and has strong mirrors between plights in our past and present dealing on some levels with the segregation within society by those deemed to be different. When you finish it, and sit back and think about it, it's actually quite frightening.

It's written in such a way that will give you a satisfied warmth, a sharing of feelings with the protagonist, until the end, and then slap you, and leave you heart-broken.

It left me wanting more.

You can buy Extraordinary from Amazon US here, and Amazon UK here.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Review: The Dead Survive

Um, well, this was more brutal than I expected it to be...

Lori Whitwam's The Dead Survive was a little different than I expected. Yes, I've been reading a lot of zombie at the moment, perhaps overdosing on it. But I thought I'd give this a try.

The story starts at the beginning of the zompocolypse. It was handled differently to a lot that I've read in books and seen in movies. It focused on people and behavior. If you've seen the recent Schwarzenegger vehicle "Maggie" you'll know what I'm talking about. People are trying to keep stores open. Civilization is trying to survive.

It's bleak, but not unbelievable.

Then the shit hits the fan.

For the majority of the first half of the book, there is no real zombie action. If you're looking for arm biting and head shots, then you'll be sadly disappointed.

But if you want the hard-hitting, brutally real downfall of humanity, then yeah, you'll find it here.

I'm not going to lie. It's a hard read. It's certainly not only not for children, but also not for the faint-hearted. It's exceptionally well written. You'll be captivated by it. Won't be able to put it down. An amazing read to be sure.

At the half way mark, I did think the author was going to slip. It suddenly seemed like it was going to go all Twilight on me. But Whitwam reigns it back in, and ramps up the emotion (if you could believe it could be ramped up further) and smashes it out the park.

Whitwam's characterization is what makes the story. The protagonist, antagonist, the would-be could-be wasn't antagonist...hell, even the dog. It's a masterclass is characterization within a traditionally hard to character sub-genre.

If you're writing zombie, read this.

The end is heartbreaking, action packed, and left me wanting more. Dammit. Another book on my to-read list. Yes, the sequel is already out.

You can purchase the book from Amazon UK here, Amazon US here, and find out more about the author here.