Friday, 23 October 2015

Out Now: Five College Dialogues and Five More College Dialogues

“A must read for students and nostalgic alumni” 
Only 99c on sale now!!

Five College Dialogues is a philosophic comedic treatise on college life told through the eyes of George Tecce, a graduate student working as a teaching assistant for an eccentric English professor. Told through Socratic dialogue, George, his students, and his mentor explore all the ins and outs of college life as they examine the state of post-millennial academia. Humorous and thought provoking, the Dialogues are the perfect resource for students, especially those with a philosophy requirement, as well as anyone who wants to relive their four years in an entertaining fashion. 

Available now from Eleventh Hour Literary Press

Early Praise:

“As a whole, the dialogues are clearly a statement on the ups and downs of the college experience.” 
– Colorado College Catalyst

“Unlike some publications on college life, “Five College Dialogues” exposes the raw truth and harshness of the collegiate experience. Malone does an excellent job with this exposition. The students’ problems are not sugar-coated.”
–The Scranton Aquinas 

“This book didn’t disappoint me at all. Very comical and plenty of life lessons that would made you think over about your life as well.” 
–Agent Bookworm


Five College Dialogues on Amazon
Five College Dialogues on Eleventh Hour Literary Press

Five More College Dialogues on Amazon
Five More College Dialogues on Eleventh Hour Literary Press


Ian Thomas Malone, a graduate of Boston College, founded the publication The Rock at Boston College. He is a certified yoga instructor and a Meisner trained actor. Ian will be pursuing a Masters in English Literature at Claremont Graduate University starting fall 2015, where he has been awarded a writing fellowship. A lifelong resident, Ian lives in Greenwich, CT with his golden retriever Georgie.

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